Why Invest More Time With Emails Than Social Media

Have you ever wondered which is a better platform for marketing? If you were only able to pick one, would you go with email marketing or social media marketing? The comparison between the two might surprise you. Read on to find out more about which approach is more “bang for your buck”.

Why Invest More Time With Emails Than Social Media

If you think about it, email is still widely used by a large number of people and businesses. Smart marketers know this fact and work hard to generate their traffic and leads from it. Have you considered the quality versus quantity of those leads? When using emails you have the ability to personalize and customize the content to cater to a specific target market of qualified leads.

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Reasons why you should spend more time with emails than social media

  • Email is a great business medium

It is widely used as a form of communication used by businesses to communicate with customers containing newsletters, promotional materials etc. Every business has an email address, and to be online everybody needs to at least have an email address to sign up and register for social media, photo sharing, forums, and other types of websites that require signing up and logging in.

  • Email is a more personal medium

Reaching out to people through email is one of the more accepted practices. Nowadays social media is one of the more commonly used channels to communicate with people. However, you wouldn't send your business proposals or wedding invitations through social media right? There's just something about emails that has the personal vibe. Let's face it before we had social media to keep in touch with our loved ones we had email. Before that we had telegram and snail-mail to send and receive messages or interact with people from a distance. So at this point in time, we are already conditioned to accept email as a standard means of communication on a personal as well as a professional level.

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  • Email gets the attention of consumers (both existing and potential)

Sending out emails to people on your list (provided you have great design and relevant content) can create quite a buzz. Imagine yourself logging in to your email account and seeing an email from a company that sells products you are interested in. They are sending you a special offer or inform you that there will be discounts if you present a special code. You would probably get really excited and think about getting something from them right? That is something that email does for your existing and prospective customers. Getting their attention and getting them interested goes a long way. Over on social media you can get their attention and get them interested as well but there are times when your special offers are not visible on their news feeds.

  • You don't lose your email list if and when a social media channel dies out

You might have seen social media sites die out over the years, an example would be MySpace. When you invest a whole lot of time and effort solely on social media marketing and not spending time building your email list, you might regret it down the line. So let's say for whatever reason nobody wants to use Facebook anymore because they decided to move on to whatever the hot social media platform is, what happens to your Facebook list? It goes down the drain along with the now defunct website.

Building your email list is more beneficial in the long run. Marketing on social media solely is productive so long as the people are using it in a way that you can leverage your efforts.