Why Business Cards Are Still a Vital Marketing Tool

Whether it’s social media or a website, most local businesses have a variety of digital marketing tools at their disposal. Of course, this doesn’t mean that offline measures aren’t still effective.

The good, old-fashioned business card, for example, is still an effective marketing tool. It’s not just a method of keeping in contact with other professionals, and the following benefits prove it.

Creates Legitimacy

The biggest benefit of having a business card to hand out is the legitimacy it lends to a company. An entrepreneur without a business card is like a company without a website. It’s just not normal, and people will view it as unprofessional. Becoming an industry thought leader is essential, and creating legitimacy is the first step in the process.

Statistics Do Not Lie

When people discuss marketing statistics, it’s typical to explain how effective something like videos or email newsletters can be. When one delves into the statistics related to business cards, however, it becomes clear these miniature billboards are effective.

Current data shows that a company experiences a 2.5 percent increase in sales for every 2,000 business cards handed out. This may not seem like much, but one only needs to look at the math to understand how big this is.

Business owners who print their own cards spent about $0.05 per card. This ends up costing $100 for 2,000 cards. Even if a business only brings in $50,000 in a year, a 2.5 percent increase is $1,250.

Helps with Networking

Some local business owners think they’re going to set out and succeed with only their hard work and investors. In reality, success usually requires relationships with both those inside and outside of an industry.

Setting up mutually beneficial marketing relationships and exchanging information on suppliers are just some of the benefits of strong networking. When meeting other professionals that can potentially help a business flourish, a business card gives off a strong first impression and ensures an entrepreneur’s contact information isn’t forgotten.

While the entire world may seem digital, it’s still important for local business owners to work within the offline world. Having a professional looking business card is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

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