Top 5 Online Marketing Tools For Internet Marketers

Top 5 Tools for Internet Marketers

Today's world being connected via the internet, it is near impossible to overlook the relevance of online and digital marketing efforts to aid in the success of your business venture. Corporations or companies are taking hold of cyberspace in response to their customers, link up with leaders of the industry, and to share with the rest of the world the story of their brand and what they stand for in a sincere, visually appealing, engaging and creative methods.

Online marketing offers the opportunity to market and manage your campaigns in real time. You can see if they work or not as it happens. That gives you the competitive advantage in terms of changing up strategies and or launching different campaigns. Online marketing techniques can give any company the opportunity to make an impact towards their target market online. Be it a sole proprietor, 2 person partnership, 3 or more person corporation, startup business or established business, they can all reap the benefits that online marketing has to offer.

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With that in mind, here are 5 online marketing tools and techniques to help you out.


1. Content marketing techniques

In online marketing terms “content” can be one of the more commonly mentioned buzzwords. It is in essence, your brand's story being told. The term “content” could be practically anything the main thing being it has to have a clear message.

It could be a compilation photograph that are eye catching or attention grabbing, immersive videos, interesting blog and news posts. Content marketing sets itself apart from the more traditional marketing techniques and tools by way of resisting clear calls to action or product or service based advertisements.

Smart and experienced consumers have an eye for picking out quality content from fluffed up advertisements. Similar to a good story, good “content” must be original, dynamic in nature and something worth sharing. Genuinely effective content marketing utilizes an accessible and sincere voice to portray genuine stories that gain the trust and furthermore the loyalty of the consumer and build a positive reputation for the brand.

Content marketing should also be inherently flexible. Think of ways to re-frame or re-tell your story to target different groups of consumers whom you might not have the instinctive 1:1 relationship. As soon as your content is in play, tools similar to “Outbrain Amplify” can help distribute the content to a much larger audience.

If your content is not being seen by a wide audience it will not be truly effective regardless of how dynamic and impactful it might be.

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2. Tools for social networking

It is very likely that you are already utilizing at least one form of social media as a means to connect with your customers – if not, what is stopping you? Social media is one of the best online marketing tools to humanize your brand and to connect with your current and future customers in real time.

A strong online marketing strategy involves all forms of social media that are in line with your organization or corporation including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Each of them have a different purpose. Twitter is similar to a virtual telephone, a way and means for customers to state their complaints or ask their questions. Whereas image driven social media such as Instagram and Pinterest are great ways to make your visual story telling go viral.

It is also imperative that you stay connected and updated to new trends such as LinkedIn's recent Influencers program, which promoted industry insiders as thought leaders and provides them with a forum to share wisdom and exchange ideas.

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3. Go mobile

The number of people accessing information on-the-go via smartphones and tablets is growing more and more each day. Having a website that is responsive and optimized for mobile formats give your company a large competitive edge.

Many of today's marketers are now taking mobility a step further by utilizing location data provided by customer check in tools like Foursquare or Facebook, or data provided by Adwords and GPS, to target marketing campaigns and create an even more complete demographic of who the customer is, where they go, what they want, and when they want it.

Understanding the context of your customer's desires and behaviors are key to targeting your offered product or service to maximize when and where it is needed. These mobile marketing technique allow you to work and “think outside the box”.

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4. Retargeting

One of the more interesting online marketing techniques, retargeting or remarketing tracks your customers' activities through cookie placement and continues to present to them ads for products that they have viewed or shown interest in the past across a network of websites.

Normally only 2% of traffic converts on a first visit, retargeting is a very simple yet very powerful way to keep your brand and or product in the minds of prospective or potential customers and only requires a little effort on the part of the company or corporation.

Moving forward, as technology for retargeting improves, flexible brands will stay ahead of the pack and on top of the latest trends to find even more “organic” ways to increase the brand profile.

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5. Community building

The common focus in these new online marketing techniques is the need for brands to recognize the consumers as individuals and not just a number. Brands need to price to their potential customers that they have a genuine interest in the personalities of their dynamic customer base and to handle communication as a means to build a genuine sincere like-minded and open minded community.

As our world becomes more online and digitally driven, the physical community of local neighborhood commerce is giving way to more fluid and larger communities online. Even companies with physical stores are now participating on a global scale. Online marketing offers a means to move outside your local market and share it with the world.