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LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy

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Learn how to finally drive a great deal of the highest quality traffic from LinkedIn! LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world.

How Companies Can Use LinkedIn for Marketing

Most individuals look at LinkedIn as a quick tool in furthering their job search. This widely-held notion is quickly changing, though, as more of the site's benefits become visible. Local business owners, for example, can use LinkedIn for marketing and advertising. As it turns out, just a few marketing techniques involving the site can really pay off.

LinkedIn is sometimes only considered as a tool to assist an individual in their search for a better employment position. As the site became more widely-used, however, even more features became totally obvious. Probably the most critical for small businesses is LinkedIn's marketing potential. In fact, utilizing the following LinkedIn advertising ideas can do wonders.

Host an Event

Creating and promoting an event via LinkedIn creates a variety of different marketing opportunities. Obviously, doing so can attract more attention to the event.

In addition, hosting an event creates a feeling of industry leadership that is wonderful in the marketing world. And since 58% of marketers use social media to engage consumers during live events, an event can be effective using fully online tactics.

Advertise Blog Content

Hosting a blog leads to 55% more website visits, so not having one is generally neglectful. By using the WordPress or Blog Link apps, you can easily import your blog to LinkedIn. This will give clients a sneak peek at a company's expertise and bring more website traffic.

Grow Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital marketing technique that can make or break a small business's online presence. The good news is, using LinkedIn can increase one's search ranking and make less complicated to find them online.

Simply having a LinkedIn profile is enough to increase a company's online presence, but even more can be done. In the “Websites” and “Blogs” section of a LinkedIn page, for instance, simply typing in some good keywords will increase a business's search ranking for those particular keywords.

As advertising moves more out of the offline arena and into the digital world, small businesses must utilize every online strategy at their disposal. Unfortunately, many overlook LinkedIn, but for those that do use the platform, there will be distinctive competitive rewards in the modern business world.