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3 Webinar Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Marketing

3 Webinar Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Marketing

If you’ve never created a webinar for promotional purposes, you’re part of only 40 percent of marketers who haven’t done so. Whoever is handling your digital marketing can certainly promote these online events, but your expertise and professionalism are what will make them successful.

3 Webinar Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Marketing

With that in mind, here are a few webinar mistakes you must avoid if you hope to create perfect content.

1. Ignoring the Clock

It’s okay to have a long webinar. In fact, your subject matter may make it necessary. If this is the case, though, you need to ensure that you advertise that fact. When promoting your upcoming webinar, have a specific start and end time. Additionally, leave a period for asking questions. Stick to this schedule at all costs. Your clients and potential customers have too much going on to feel like their time isn’t valued.

2. Not Having People Register

There are plenty of ways you could do a webinar. With Facebook Live, for instance, you could do your entire presentation and immediately have it saved to your business page for those who missed it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t do much to snag leads who might not be immediately ready to buy. By hosting your webinar on another site and requiring registration to view it, you’ll have all the contact information you’ll need to follow up with prospective clients.

3. Picking the Wrong Presenter

When you’re conducting a webinar, you’re not just selling your product – you’re selling yourself. Regardless of how informed you are in your area of expertise, it simply won’t come across if you’re a bad “public” speaker. If you’re terrible at presentations, find a co-owner or informed employee who isn’t.

Webinar mistakes can make your hard work and investment futile. In most industries, conducting periodic webinars is profitable. Instead of wasting money through trial and error, though, focus on avoiding these mistakes in the first place and make your webinar successful.

Content Marketing Trends that will Make 2018 Great

While it might seem a little early to start looking for content marketing trends for 2018, there are certainly current trends that will affect how this form of promotion evolves next year. In fact, many of the advancements that occurred in content marketing in 2017 will likely continue strong throughout all of the upcoming year.

Unfortunately, only 22 percent of marketers consider themselves very successful at content marketing, but the following trends could help change that.

Using Social Influencers

Corporations have been using social influencers since the dawn of marketing, but it’s not necessary to have a commercial with Brad Pitt to use influencer marketing.

Local businesses have realized this, and it’s led them to reach out to community celebrities and even infrequently spend a few dollars on being promoted on a large social media page. Now that influencer marketing is more affordable and widely known, 2018 will likely keep the method going strong.

Live Video Remains Content Gold

Facebook Live has been fully rolled out for just over a year, but it’s already making waves. Unfortunately, the company realized that their release was a bit premature, so they’ve spent most of 2017 working to perfect the product.

This means that, by 2018, Facebook Live will be improved and ready to help marketers produce the live and interactive content that consumers are demanding.

Email Marketing Becomes More Important

Social media marketing is certainly essential, but with these platforms focusing more on profit that user friendliness, it’s become harder for companies to reach their target audiences. Of course, they can pay to do this (which is a good idea), but email marketing still offers a great method of pushing content. And since 75 percent of marketers say they get a good ROI from email, it’s certainly worth focusing on.

Content marketing in 2018 will see huge changes and evolution. To be ready for that, though, it’s essential to understand the trends of 2017. Only this can properly prepare an entrepreneur for what’s to come.

Live Streaming and Its Advantages for Local Business Owners

Live Streaming and Its Advantages for Local Business Owners

Extremely Affordable

Maybe the biggest benefit of Facebook's live video, and other services like it, is the fact that implementation is remarkably affordable. In fact, business people can start a live stream right from their telephone.

This means whether they are at an online community event, discussing a local occurrence or simply providing a quick “how-to” video for fans needing more info on a topic, live video can get the job done without breaking the bank.

Delivers Sense of Urgency

Promoting 101 dictates that creating a sense of urgency will lead to fast results. When users know something isn't going to last long, they are more likely to pay attention. By its very nature, live video makes that feeling.

Thankfully, Facebook and certain other live streaming services save the video for later viewing. This means people coming around late can still reap the benefits of the clip. For those who see the stream pop up on their feed as it starts, though, the fact that it is happening right now means they will click just to see what's going on.

Even more Analytics Opportunities

Offline advertising may still be important, but the analytics provided by online strategies are vital. Just like any other post on Facebook, the social media giant will provide measurements for a live cast. In fact, many providers allow budding entrepreneurs to see how many people are watching in real time.

Whether a corporation outsources or does their own advertising and marketing, these additional metrics can help mold better advertising and marketing strategies.

Live video is without question a new frontier for local business owners. That is why they need to get at the forefront and beat their competitors. And with all the previously mentioned rewards, it seems almost negligent to not take advantage of the tool.