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Are Television Ads Still Beneficial For Local Businesses

Online streaming and DVRs may have made productive tv ads more difficult, but they didn't make them impossible. With the right marketing strategies, you can turns short televised advertisements into real marketing potential.

Are Television Ads Still Beneficial For Local Businesses

Gives the Brand Character

People want to hook up to a brand, and a tv advertisement gives local business owners the chance to do this. Make the ad personable. After all, research has revealed that brands that build a connection with consumers can successfully charge more than their competition. Work towards making a bond, through emotion or humor, with television viewers.

Tv Advertising campaigns Target Specific Audiences

On Facebook, local company owners can target their advertisements based on locale, age, gender and even hobbies. Fortunately, television promotions can accomplish this too. Have you ever seen that politicians often pay for television spots during debates? This isn't by coincidence.

Based on your product or target group, you can place a television ad exactly where it should be. Advertising a haunted house attraction? Position it during a zombie show. Seeking more customers at an antique shop? How about an ad during an American Pickers style show?

Television Ads Reach the Masses

Even though folks are spending insane amounts of time online, they still enjoy watching tv. In fact, the average American watches five hours of TV every single day. This means you have a large audience, and since many are watching live, they are all but captive to your message.

While DVRs and Netflix may have lessened the effectiveness of television ads, they have not erased it entirely. As long as the expenses do not outweigh the benefits and you use smart marketing strategies, tv ads can be as productive a marketing tool as anything else.

Are Mobile Ads More Click-Worthy Than Social Sharing Buttons Looks Like It Says Moovweb

Are Mobile Ads More Click-Worthy Than Social Sharing Buttons? Looks Like It, Says Moovweb

Are Mobile Ads More Click-Worthy Than Social Sharing Buttons Looks Like It Says MoovwebSocial sharing buttons may be “falling to the wayside,” it now appears.


“Consumers on mobile are 11.5 times more likely to click on an advertisement than a social sharing button, proving that brands cannot rely on users to spread branded posts on social media unless there is a direct call-to-action, according to a report from Moovweb,” reports Luxury Daily.

While social media usage on mobile is extremely high, users tap sharing buttons approximately 33 percent less often that they do on desktop.

The upshot? Brands seeking to raise awareness of their products or services via social share buttons must offer a strong call-to-action to convince consumers to disperse their posts, such as a sweepstakes entry or incentive.

“We analyzed over 61 million mobile sessions and found that only 0.2 percent of mobile users do any social sharing,” said Haresh Kumar, vice president of marketing at Moovweb, based in San Francisco. “Social sharing has evolved, specifically as it pertains to shopping priorities. Continue Reading..