Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Marketing on social media networks offers business owners the opportunity to advertise their brand to a widespread audience. Internet marketers put in quite a lot of effort in the hopes of building and improving the visibility, and reputation of their respective brands. When marketing online some businesses might feel overwhelmed and make mistakes that hurt their efforts.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Here are a few examples of social media marketing mistakes and what you can do to avoid them

#1. Buying Likes or Followers

This is something some businesses do to increase their perceived value. By doing this it might appear that you are winning the numbers game however the number of followers or fans you get is not a good investment. It does more harm to you and your brand not to mention it might risk getting your account deleted, banned or suspended if it is found out by Facebook.

Think about this for a second, if majority of your followers or fans are fake or bogus accounts then your audience reach overall will be quite limited. The only way you can really get ahead in terms of the number of fans or followers is by getting actual people to interact and engage with your social media network.

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#2. Canned Responses

Responding to questions or comments left by your followers and fans in a copy and paste manner is never a good thing. The last thing you want your followers and fans thinking is that you can't handle your customers properly and that they are treated like an account number versus being treated like people. Showing your human side to your fans and followers goes a long way in terms of building trust and loyalty.

Take time to compose well thought out responses that are to the point, professional and have the human touch. Every interaction with your followers and fans is a unique opportunity to build rapport, and create unique experiences that help your develop your brand and audience.

#3. Being Inconsistent

Sometimes consistency poses a problem to some brands or businesses. Some days you respond to negative comments like a pro but on other days you answered them the wrong way. There might be a number of ways that your brand could be making this mistake.

Attempt to setup guidelines or a manual that you can refer to when you encounter certain scenarios. This will minimize inconsistencies that might be made down the line. As far as content is concerned, making a schedule for posting certain types of content could be helpful and can serve as a reminder so you avoid not delivering that content to your audience.

#4. Being Repetitive

Some businesses make the mistake of posting very similar if not the same content multiple times. This particular mistake gives off the vibe of you or your brand not being creative or interested in engaging with your audience.

Keeping your fans and followers interested and excited can be done fairly easily, make sure the content of your posts are engaging and have variety. Also make the effort to know for certain what type of content your audience is interested in don't just post for the sake of posting.

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#5. Using Too Many Social Media Networks

Businesses tend to do this a lot in their effort to reach out to a wider audience. However using every social media known to exist might lessen your effectiveness across the board. Committing your time and energy to make your brand's presence known across 10 or more social media sites might mean that you are not using them to their full effectiveness. Some of them might always get updated content while others might go dormant because they might have slipped your mind.

Try to narrow the networks down to a number you can easily manage making sure they match what market segment you are aiming for.  If you really want to market on every social network available to increase your lead generation that is fine provided you create your content posting schedule for your chosen list of social media networks. This helps you remember to post content and update all of your social media accounts.

#6. Ignoring Negative Feedback or Worse

Some businesses make the mistake of ignoring negative feedback or sometimes even going so far as to delete the negative feedback all together. The way you respond to somebody especially online is always under scrutiny and will have consequences.

When you deal with negative criticisms correctly you have the opportunity to make your brand stand out, and show how much you strive for the best customer experience . It helps a lot if you look at negative feedback in a positive light. Think of it as your customer telling you what they think could be better without you asking them.