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Our Products

On our spare time, we build and create our own products like videos and graphics pack designed for local businesses and marketers.

Some of these products are included in our Marketing Club but if you don't want to become a member yet, you can purchase these products below.

Download 25 unique sets of custom cartoon and hand-drawn videos for your marketing agency.

What is Marketing Agency Videos?

Marketing Agency Videos™ is another excellent product being offered by Joe The Goat Farmer consisting of videos with insightful content specifically for local marketing agencies and internet marketers who want to attract more leads and new customers.

There are 5 areas we covered in Marketing Agency Videos™
and these are -- Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Video Marketing, and Website Design.

You'll get five (5) unique set of cartoon and hand-drawn videos
from each marketing areas we have covered. 
So, all-in-all you'll get twenty five (25) marketing videos that you can use.

Ultimate Niche PLR Videos

Discover The Secrets To Local Marketing Alchemy That Turns A Measly $1.00 Into $300 Every Time!

What is Ultimate Niche PLR Videos?

Ultimate Niche PLR Videos is a collection of 82 niche videos for different local businesses in your area with full resale rights. 

In this package, you’ll get 82 professionally designed niche videos for only $82 that you can sell to different businesses for hundreds over and over!

​​​​There’s simply no way you can go wrong with this amazing offer.
The only way you’ll lose is if you don’t click below before this limited offer goes away.

JTGF Graphics Collection

High-quality done-for-you graphic templates for your website and landing pages.

What is JTGF Graphics Collection?

JTGF Graphics Collection is a graphics pack built by Joe The Goat Farmer. We initially created these images for our own use and now we're sharing this to everyone who wanted to use our graphics.

With these images, you can transform your unattractive web pages into high-converting sales machine without spending a dime on a graphic designer!

​Joe and his team are Exceptional! I was in a very stressful bind with a client needing to setup several key elements of a campaign. Without hesitation, Joe jumped in helped me set it all up quickly and under time pressure. Thank you Joe!

​Santosh Varughese

​Santosh Varughese

​New Internet Marketer

​All I can say is Wow! Joe and his team did an excellent and superb job for me. This all started with me thinking I knew what I wanted. But after consulting with Joe he gave me expert suggestions. Boy is he good and very knowledgeable. I'm so happy with the end result. I would not hesitate to hire he and his team again. I highly highly recommend he and his team. It was a pleasure working with Joe. He made everything just so easy. I'm so

​Harvey Sherrod

​Harvey Sherrod

​Phase 1Web Consultation

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