3 Marketing Apps That Make Small Businesses Prosperous

Since Apple alone has 1.5 million apps, you can actually believe that there really is an app for everything. Thankfully, many of these apps can do great things for your company, and the aforementioned have proven time and again to get results.

3 Marketing Apps That Make Small Businesses Prosperous

Apps are a fantastic technological advancement, and you should always use the newest technology to benefit your company.

Here are some marketing apps for your business

1) Hootsuite for Small Businesses

Social media is taking over the world. Actually, social media giant Facebook is the second most visited website online. This should make the basic need of social media marketing obvious.

Hootsuite can help in this subject. In just a few minutes, you can arrange all your posts for upcoming dates. Which means in one afternoon, you could set up your posts for a whole week.

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2) Yelp for Popularity Management

The Yelp app has a assortment of features that can help your digital marketing campaign. Whether you want to post updated store hours, add new contact information, or correct any mistakes on your business page, you can do so directly from the Yelp app.

Maybe the greatest tool in the app, though, is the capability to immediately respond to reviews. This will show Yelp readers that you value what your clients think.

Additionally, you can offer solutions to negative reviews to turn an displeased customer into a satisfied one.

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3) Perka for Customer Loyalty

Creating a customer loyalty program is a tried-and-true method that keeps clients returning.

Whether you are selling deli sandwiches or t-shirts, giving customers a reason to return is an ideal marketing tactic. You have likely seen some companies do this with punch cards, but Perka has made this technique digital.

Now when your clients make a verified purchase, their digital “punch card” is updated to let them know they are close to their pay back.

There really is an app for everything. While there are numerous apps you could use to make your business grow, the aforementioned are undoubtedly some of the best. Apps are a lesson to apply whatever technology is available to make your company great.