Making a Local Organization Blog Profitable Through Marketing

Along with “bookstore,” a company should include longer keywords like “Memphis used book stores” or “bookstores in Sacramento.” Since local marketing is vital and searches now include daily speech, thanks to Siri, long tail keywords are more important now than ever.

Making a Local Organization Blog Profitable Through Marketing

Change Keyword Usage

While a bookstore would be careless to not use “bookstore” as a keyword, it is essential to remember the competition for such a common term. Instead, local business owners should put a heavy target on long tail keywords.

Instead of just “bookstore,” the company should use “book stores in Roswell,” “used book stores in Sacramento” or something similar. These long tail keywords are better in a world where natural speech is used in search, thanks to Siri, and local marketing is important.

Set up Guest Posts

It can be challenging for a company to get its content seen on a large scale, but this is less complicated if they create guest blogs. Take your best content and submit it to industry leading blogs that recognize guest posts. While the industry blog will get most of the traffic, it will undoubtedly bring a tremendous amount your way as well.

Use Other Marketing Applications to Promote Blogs

While focusing on strong search engine optimization strategies will help your blog get noticed, it is essential to remember that organic reach can take time. This makes promoting your blog on other platforms significant.

Whenever you put up a new post, share it directly to social media. Spend time to send out an email newsletter for especially interesting blogs as well. The best way to spread the word is to use the various tools already at your disposal.

Statistics show that you are 13 times more likely to see a impressive return on investment if you prioritize blogging. With these types of numbers, it is obvious that blogging is an important marketing tactic. And if you can get the word out with the aforementioned tactics, taking the time to jot down a blog can really pay off.