How to Create a Killer Explainer Video [Infographic]

Video has become one of the most powerful forms of marketing content. As people become less and less patient, the text-only approach is no longer cutting it. We've moved into a visual-centric world, of which video is a critical piece.

How to Create a Killer Explainer Video

One component of your marketing strategy that video's especially great for? Explaining to web users what your business does, what you stand for, and why customers need you. This is called “the explainer video,” and it's a quick, memorable way to make an impact on people who might buy your product but need to know more information.

Companies of all sizes and in all industries have explainer videos, and many have found it's made a big impact on their conversion rate. For example, the company Crazy Egg added an explainer video to their website and found it helped them make an additional $21,000 in monthly income.

Creating an explainer video is less complicated than you might think. Check out the detailed infographic below from QuickSprout to learn what makes an explainer video effective and how to create one that'll get viewers to convert into customers. (And read this blog post to see 20 examples of great explainer videos from brands.)

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Scarlett Parker July 31, 2017

No doubt! The Explainer videos have overcome the written text documents that takes more time and are not much effected.

David Smith October 30, 2017

Amazing Blog post. it would have been great if you have also shared some nice success stories about companies which used Explainer Video to sky rocket their sales.

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