Email Marketing Pitfalls You Can and Must Avoid

Every business should have a good email marketing campaign effort. However missed opportunities arise when your email marketing campaign is not done properly. Take a look at these common mistakes or oversights that email marketers commit when developing their emails.

Email Marketing Pitfalls You Can and Must Avoid

7 Email Marketing Pitfalls You Can Avoid

It's Not Mobile Optimized

Your email design might look awesome on desktop devices but, how does it look on a mobile device like a smart phone or a tablet? If you were not aware already, more and more people check their emails from their mobile devices. How would you feel if you got an email that did not render itself properly on your smart phone?

A hard to read, visually unappealing and unresponsive email is more than likely going to be disregarded by the recipients. Consult experts who can talk to you about making your website mobile optimized. Whether you re-work your existing website or build one from scratch the time and money invested will go a long way.

No Market Segmentation

Sending emails without thinking about who they are meant for is one quick way to get your subscribers to ignore your emails. Imagine yourself getting a very attractive deal through your email, something you have always waited for. You finally got it and think to yourself, “lucky day!” only to find out that you are not qualified for the promotion.

If the emails that you worked hard to design and compose are going to be sent to the wrong readers, then it serves no real purpose and is a waste of your time and effort. Segmenting your subscriber base might take some time but will be very helpful in the long run. Sending targeted content to the appropriate subscriber will yield a higher success rate.

It's Not Personalized

Emails that are too generalized or generic in nature have a very high probability of being disregarded possibly even being blocked or unsubscribed from. Try a more personal approach when you compose your next email.

Attempt to use the subscribers' first name and point out that they are receiving this email because you noticed that they are interested in a certain product or service. Thank them for their interest and let them know that you would be more than happy to talk to them about it.

Little to No Call to Action

Your emails might have all the elements to grab the attention of your qualified leads, get them excited and have them move down the sales funnel but, if your readers are not certain of what to do to move on to the next step then, they cannot take action and connect with you. That is another missed opportunity.

Create clear call to action buttons or links to show your subscribers exactly what they need to do to get to the next step. It also helps if you design the text in such a way that it motivates them to move forward.

It Has an Uninteresting Subject Line

Even if you have an email that is perfectly composed and has an attractive and functional layout it does not count for anything If your subject line cannot persuade the recipient to click through the email and read its contents. That subscriber could have easily been a hot qualified lead for your business, which would unfortunately be a lost opportunity.

Making your subject line more interesting could be quite a challenge, however there are ways to make it easier. Find out what your subscribers are interested in to help you find key words that spark their curiosity to open your email.

It's Visually Unattractive

You may have put in a lot of thought and time into composing the content of your email, but if it is presented to the readers in a visually confusing or distracting way chances are they will not follow through on the call to action and stop reading your email all together. Redesigning the layout of your email and possibly the color combinations can offer a big improvement in the success of your email marketing campaign.

Your Emails Go to Spam

Plain and simple, your email goes straight to the spam folder and never to see the light of day. This is one setback that plagues a lot of email marketers mainly because their emails contain keywords or phrases that trigger red flags or spam alerts.

If your subscribers have any reason to mark your email as SPAM then there is still some tweaking that needs to be done. There are a couple of ways that you can lessen the probability of a subscriber marking that email you worked hard to compose as spam. Using an easily recognizable name in the “from” area helps the recipient identify and recall who is emailing them.

Another way is to avoid using email addresses that are impersonal (i.e. instead, try using an email address that hints that a real live person owns it (i.e. that way they won't feel that they are just getting email from an automated delivery system.