Content Marketing Bundle of Awesome – 12 eBooks for Better Content Performance in 2015

Content Marketing Bundle of Awesome – 11 eBooks for Better Content Performance in 2015

The missing piece of the content marketing puzzle for most marketers is a documented strategy according to CMI/MarketingProfs research.

But the problem with most content marketing efforts isn’t just a documented strategy, it’s the lack of thinking strategically about content. The challenge of creating more, engaging content often blurs the importance of answering “why”, “for who” and “to what end”?

Solving the strategic thinking issue is essential for creating a strategy and one way to do that is to tap into industry thought leadership to identify trends, best practices and examples of what content marketing success looks like. Reconciling those observations and insights with your own marketing goals, target audience and expectations for content are the key to making your content marketing investments pay off.

To help you do just that, here are 11 recently published eBooks to provide context for more strategic thinking and improve your content marketing in 2015.

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