ConnectRetarget Review: Everything You Need to Know

An honest ConnectRetarget Review

Connect Retarget is a retargeting or remarketing software by renowned internet marketer; Wilco de Kreij. The software is set for a pre-launch on 1st July 2016. The software will be on sale from 7th July 2016 to 11th July 2016. Although the software hasn’t been officially released, ConnectRetarget has already garnered some impressive reviews from marketing experts such as Stefan van der Vlag, CEO of Marketing Released and Mark Thompson, fellow marketer and CEO of Digital Kickstart. According to the two who believe in Wilco’s work very much, Wilco's software will definitely stand out by offering higher EPCs not to mention other benefits like the ConnectRetarget bonus.

ConnectRetarget Review by Joe The Goat Farmer

How Connect Retarget works

Like any other retarget software, Connect Retarget helps website owners retarget or remarket their sites once site visitors leave their site. Connect Retarget however does retargeting better/more effectively and the software works perfectly for all niches. This is according to Wilco. It is important to note that most website traffic doesn't converts on the 1st visit. The importance of retargeting/remarketing can’t therefore be overlooked.

Connect Retarget focuses on Facebook retargeting. The software allows you to get way more targeted custom audiences on Facebook. In most instances, you can only tell metrics such as; audiences who visit a certain place.


With ConnectRetarget, you can tell more;

  • If they scrolled to a certain point on a page
  • If they stayed on a certain page/place on a page
  • If they came from a certain website to your website
  • If they are currently on mobile (so that you can retarget them when they are back on their desktop)

And much more..

In a nutshell, Connect Retarget upgrades your Facebook retargeting capabilities to a whole new level.

Step by step guide on how Connect Retarget works

Connect Retarget has a user-friendly interface. The software is part of the Connectio Apps.

Step 1: Connect the software with your Facebook ads account in the General setting tab under Connect Retarget in the Connectio Apps suite.

Step 2: Select the Manage Pixels, Create Powerpixel option to integrate your website pages with Facebook. This step allows Connect Retarget to submit a lot more information about your visitors to Facebook so that the information can be used for Facebook custom audience options. During this step, Connect Retarget will generate a code which should be copied to your clipboard and added to your website to allow the software to start collecting and sending all the necessary website information to Facebook automatically.

Step 3: Select manage audience to create audience. Select the Powerpixel created above, create an audience name, input a URL just like you would when retargeting and select other options appropriately i.e. days retention. Connect Retarget comes with many filters i.e. scrolled, browser language, referral source, Number of visits, Visiting Device, Number of Sessions, UTM Source/Medium, etc. Furthermore, you can save your filters as templates or create an audience.

Connect Retarget however comes with pre-created templates to be used to create certain audiences from your website right away. For instance, there are pre-created templates for; re-engaging old traffic, re-engaging search traffic, re-engaging mobile traffic, increasing social engagement etc.

Connect Retarget also allows users to create separate Power pixels for specific pages for more specified filters i.e. scrolling to a certain point in a page.

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Here is a pre-release demo of the software done by it's creator Wilco. We will post ours soon on this page:

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