Change the Way You Approach Link Building With These 5 Steps

There are a number of ways to earn links online. Some are alright while others might come across as “spammy” or even intrusive. Read on to find out the relatively easy and safe approaches.

Change the Way You Approach Link Building With These 5 Steps

#1 – Use Infographics with Enlightening and Relevant Statistics

Presenting your audience with a visual representation of facts and statistics that enlighten and educate them is one good way to get links. If your website presents content that offers relevant information that people search for and at the same time is something your audience finds significant, your chances of getting links increase quite a bit.

You can use Canva to create cool infographics or you can just go to popular sites where they provide an embed code of their work and allows you to add the infographic to your blog.

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#2 – Build and Develop Your Personal or Brand's Blog

A blog that speaks to your audiences with high quality content can potentially grow a huge following which would translate to a higher probability of getting links. Always make sure that your blog is updated with unique, fresh, exciting and relevant content. The last thing you need is a blog that has been dormant for months at a time.

#3 – Promote Your Content on Social Media

Social media is an even playing field for every business that wants to connect with their audiences. That being said, actively and consistently posting links to the articles or blog posts that you have worked so hard on to every social network you are currently using is step one.

The second step is posting your material on every other online forum, or membership sites (i.e. Reddit, LinkedIn etc..) to further increase your visibility and audience reach. The third step which is something that could be a huge help to getting links is sending direct messages to the people you linked to or mentioned in your posted material.

The more your material is seen, read and shared by a multitude of people online the more they will notice you and start linking to you.

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#4 – “Asking” for Links

This is deceptively one of the easier ways to get links, believe it or not. First off lets clarify that you will not be begging for those links, rather you will be reaching out to people and/or companies that you mentioned in your posts by sending them a message telling them that you mentioned them in your article or blog also, ask them if they think their audience would find the material interesting.

This method works best if the people you reach out to know you or at least knows your material. It would be rather awkward and downright inappropriate in most cases.

#5 – Giving Out Links

This is something that may or may not work as intended mainly because the people or material that you link to on your blogs are not necessarily obligated to do the same for you. It is still worth doing though, remember that by consistently churning out high quality content, actively posting your material online and of course linking other people's content within your article results in exposure and develops a platform for your brand. Over time your brand will earn the trust and respect of your chosen industry or niche.

Building your personal brand up and earning links takes some time and is not easy but when executed properly the return on your investment is incredible.