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How I build a following in any niche

For a long time I have kept a secret. Mainly because it was expensive and difficult to reproduce but not because it didn't work. What was it you might be wondering? A lot of you reading this may have learned about me through my twitter account. Reason is because before this week, I used some software that auto-follows followers of big-time marketers I know. It worked like gang-busters but when I wanted to setup other twitter accounts I had to pay a monthly fee for it. So I did and let me tell you it got expensive.

But over the weekend, I tested this new software I got for a one time price that does exactly the same thing but for unlimited accounts! Another thing is, it works through my own account and not a twitter app controlled by a third party. So now I am in control and I have saved several hundred dollars a year.

Anyway, I approve this product and I suggest if you want to take a brand new twitter account or take one that has been gathering dust and build up it's followers, go check this out now. You won't be sorry!

Click Here

Email Tools REVIEW

Review of: Email Tools

Use: A powerful web based tool that allows your user to create Timers for Email, Custom Image Personalization, Video For Email, & Survey For Email.


Great feature set for cloud based email marketing tool

User Friendly

Easy to use and implement in existing email marketing campaigns


Offers compelling value to every email marketer

We Like

  • Flexible web based tool - No download needed
  • Easy to keep track of ongoing email campaigns - Suite is well organized
  • Lots of templates to work with - Get started right away

We Don't Like

  • At the time of writing training material was not accessible (server issue or otherwise)
  • The features of the web based suite might be limiting for some marketers

Summary: Email Tools is a definite must have for any marketer utilizing email campaigns for their business ventures. This particular set of tools makes it ridiculously simple to drive traffic, clicks, participation and engagement in your emails. Email Tools is an awesome and amazing state of the art cloud based email setup suite that that will empower marketers

$49 (one time fee)

Email Tools is a powerful web based tool that allows you to create Timers for Email, Custom Image Personalization, Video For Email, & Survey For Email. The ability to create higher engagement and more urgency in the emails you send to your subscribers has always been something every email marketer yearns for – and Email Tools enables them to achieve exactly that.

Email Tools is a definite must have for any marketer utilizing email campaigns for their business ventures. This particular set of tools makes it ridiculously simple to drive traffic, clicks, participation and engagement in your emails. Email Tools is an awesome and amazing state of the art cloud based email setup suite that that will empower marketers to manufacture the ideal email all while addressing the 4 critical elements of email marketing - Engagement, Urgency, Personalization, Feedback.

The 4 Major elements of Email Tools:

  • Timers for Email Marketing
  • Custom Image Personalization
  • Video For Email
  • Survey For Email

    The creators of Email Tools have designed this suite to be as simple and as organized as it could possibly be so email marketers can focus their attention on the actual marketing and not fiddling around with a complicated tool. In addition to Email Tools being so easy to use, the creators have kindly included training material to get you up to speed on using the tool so you can get started almost immediately on your next email marketing campaign.

    Get your copy of Email Tools TODAY and gain the power to craft the perfect email all while maintaining engagement, personalization, a sense of urgency & open to feedback from your subscribers.

Get Clients By Giving This Away

Review of: 2017 Top Online Directories

Use: This best selling PLR product just got better with the 2017 version of Top Online Directories. Make money giving away this powerful, 77-slide PowerPoint/Keynote presentation.


Great PLR

User Friendly



Only 7 bucks and on a dime sale!

We Like

  • Easy to implement
  • Well written
  • Make you look like an expert

We Don't Like

  • There are a few OTOs but they are minor and not needed


There are three main reasons why I think you should consider this:

1) You give this presentation away for free and you turn prospects into customers. This PowerPoint is very valuable because it shows them exactly what to do – step-by-step – to get their business listed in the top 15 online directories. Once they see everything involved they will want you to do it for them. For a fee of course!

2) This package is very well created and will it establishes you as the go-to marketing expert. The materials in this PLR package are all professionally created so you can approach prospects with confidence. Once they see this they’ll know that you’re the man! Or woman!

3) Marketing Kit: This optional upgrade has so much value that it would be a disservice to try and explain everything here. You really need to check out the link below to see everything

$7 (on dime sale)


Review of: InstaSUITE

Use: web-based Marketing platform with all the tools you need packaged into one clean, simple-to-use web-based application.


Comprehensive, full featured software!

User Friendly

Easy to setup and manage!


Offers SUPERB value!

We Like

  • All in One web-based solution
  • Highly Cost effective price point
  • Grants full control of all pages/sites you create

We Don't Like

  • Price could go up in the near future
  • OTOs can be a little bit pricey

Summary: InstaSUITE is a web-based Marketing platform with all the tools you need packaged into one clean, simple-to-use web-based application under a single roof that will empower you to have a thriving online business.

$37 per month or $297 (one time fee) + $97 ($97/year maintenance fee (1st year maintenance fee is included))

Working hard on creating a Sales Funnel that converts Leads into High-Value Customers?

Want to know what how your competitors get the best results with their covert techniques?

Feel like you're doing everything right, but you're not producing the same projected results as others?

  • If you answered “YES" to any of the above questions, then InstaSUITE is definitely for you!

InstaSUITE was built and designed to be easy to use and out-convert other/similar page builder out on the market today. 

Already have other software/programs that do something similar? Consider what you stand to LOSE should you encounter glitches, or how long it would take to get those sales funnels online. Moreover, you could save HUNDREDS of dollars every single month when you take advantage of the Grand Opening price of InstaSUITE. Making InstaSUITE an awesome and valuable asset to any marketer worth their salt.

What is InstaSUITE?

InstaSUITE is a web-based Marketing platform with all the tools you need packaged into one clean, simple-to-use web-based application under a single roof that will empower you to have a thriving online business.

What Can InstaSUITE Do For You?

Funnels Builder
Build funnels, setup split testing &conversion tracking, and design high-converting landing pages using our simple-to-use visual editor.

Membership Builder
Sell your products using direct payments or affiliate networks, and build your own fancy membership site.

Blog Builder
Publish news, announcements, viral or educational contents for your audience using our blogging system.

List Builder
Build your lists, setup auto-responder, and blast your subscribers/clients with our broadcast system.

Build your own affiliate programs. Set up different commissions for your regular affiliates & JV Partners.

Support Desk
Help your clients by making F.A.Q and Knowledge Base. Answer their questions using our ticket system.

How Can You Benefit From InstaSUITE?

All-in-One Marketing Platform – Landing Page Software, Blogging Platform, Membership Software, Affiliate System Software, Email Autoresponder Software, Support Ticketing System. All the tools you need under one roof! A powerful feature-set to help you market smarter. There’s never been so much power in a single platform!

“Stupid Simple” Platform/User Friendly Interface – All of thing is done for you, it’s as easy as drag and drop, point and click, and because this is a hosted solution (in the cloud) You do not need any tech skills. Just log in – and you’re ready to go.

Ridiculously Low PriceInstaSUITE will be offered as a monthly fee subscription, but during this special launch they are offering a lifetime one-time payment (with minimum maintenance fee of $97/year). You can lock in the lowest cost InstaSUITE will ever be right now. There won’t be lifetime licenses on this system again.

Nothing To InstallInstaSUITE is a hosted service. There’s no software to install which means you can get started right away.

Reduced Time to Market – Even if you or your designers can build web pages, it’s easier and faster to do it with InstaSUITE. It’s possible to create and publish a live landing page, and a membership site in under 1 hour!

Full Control – you also have options to host your pages on your own server, on WP or export to HTML. You’ve complete control on every pages/sites you created with InstaSUITE.

Easily Measure Your Campaign’s Success – Our stats engine is simple to understand & communicates in marketing terms (conversions).

Want To Find Out What Else You Can Do With InstaSUITE?

Here is an extensive list of features InstaSUITE offers:

1.) Website Hosting

· All pages are hosted on our LIGHTNING FAST secure servers. Our design and code is clean. Plus we use state-of-the-art secure cloud servers. This ensures the FASTEST page loading time.

2.) Landing Page Software

· Page & Funnel Builder

· Drag and drop Page Editor - An Intuitive Point, Click, Drag And Drop Interface

· Lightning loading speeds

· Mobile Live Editor - you can quickly & easily preview your pages on all devices and make any necessary changes with a few clicks!

· Unlimited Pages - With InstaSUITE there is no limit to the number of the unique landing pages you can create.

· Unlimited Visitors - While other landing page builders place limits of the number of unique visitors you can accommodate in a month, InstaSUITE doesn’t charge you more when your landing pages are performing well.

· Fully Mobile Responsive

· 50+ Done for you templates - pre-made templates to get you started. 100% customizable!

· Smart GEO Elements - Capture your visitors’ attention while also instantly building rapport using smart GEO elements. Add on the viewers’ specific time, date, country & city that they are viewing from in creative ways.

· Global Logo - Display your logo in all of your pages with just one click.

· One Click Animations - Animate your webpages with eye-popping one-click animations.

· Conversion Tools & Scarcity Builders; Link tracker (cloaking, retargeting, redirecting), Pop Up, notification bars & Countdown timers

· Conversion Tracking & Stats - Robust suite of analytics and statistics allows you FULL access to the important information... find out what is working and WHY..

· A/B Split Testing - lets you track visitor behavior, compare conversion rates, and pick the best-performing landing page.

· 2-Step Opt-in Technology - Easy one-click integration with your pages means you can boost conversions in just ONE-CLICK of your mouse...

· Social Sharing System - Increase leads and sales by offering your visitors and customers the chance to share you with the world.

· Custom Code - Our builder allows you to add whatever your landing page needs, such as JavaScript, HTML/CSS, or that rely on third party scripts. Use this feature to drop in tags as needed for remarketing and conversion tracking.

· Media Manager - Easy folder organization allows you to arrange and locate images within vast image collections

· Built-in Marketing Graphics - Choose from TONS of pre-done graphics created by our high quality design team such as: Header images, Call to Action Buttons, Icons, Page separators, and much, much more...

· Drop-in Pixel Tracking

· Save Template - you can design & save your own template. Create your own PROVEN templates that you can return to time and time again for building new assets in your business.

· And more!

3.) Membership Software

· Admin Feature

· Main settings like: site name, site URL, etc

· Create Unlimited Number Of Products

· Manage And Create Any Number of Membership Levels and Statuses. Set Different Prices And Affiliate Payouts Membership

· Upgrade Or Down Grade Any Member At The Click Of A Button

· Comprehensive Members Search, and Quick Sort, and Filter. With Instant Password reset function, Instant Login and All account info and Add member.

· Activate/Deactivate/Suspend/Unsuspended or Delete any member

· Create User Friendly Custom URLS

· Menu & Custom navigation links - All handled through your admin panel.

· Built in message feature with editable templates.

· Instant Home Page, sign up, login, lost password, etc.

· Member Area Template - Theme Customization with built-in HTML/CSS editor

· Custom Login Messages Manager. You can now set a custom welcome page for any members after they login. Great for making special offers or announcements.

· Admin has a detailed notes system to keep track of any notes needed you may want to remark on any member.

· Track what members have logged in or not logged in for a given time period.

· Full Transaction Log With Full Details and IP

· Cart Abandonment (applicable with direct payments only)

· Integrates seamlessly with Paypal, CLickbank, JVZoo, Warrior+, Zaxaa, DigiResults and most other shopping cart/affiliate platform

· Integrates with all major auto responders including Aweber, Getresponse, MailChimp, IContact, etc

· Protect Content Management - Easily protect which members see which content by post, page, local files or Amazon S3 files.

· Drip Content - Release content to members based on when they purchased

· Options for Auto or Manual Registration and Account Upgrades - you have the options to set InstaSUITE to automatically register as a member OR have them register their account, after their purchase. Also upgrades their account automatically whenever they purchase any additional offers/upsells

· Create Discount/Coupon

· Grant additional access to other products - Give additional access to OTHER product(s) when customer has purchased a specific product

· Account Sharing Prevention, Brute-Force Login Limit, Brute-Force Login Delay, Brute-Force Login reCaptcha, Block Email/IP Addresses

· Analytics/Stats

· 3rd party webinar platforms Auto Registration

· Member Feature

· Fully secure members area pages

· Members Area with: Account Info, Affiliate Info & Stats, etc

· Members Detailed Commission Stats And Affiliate Stats For Members.

· Notes system for member to create notes

· Pages Can Be Set To Only Show To Certain Membership Levels Or Paid Customers.

· Any Custom Links Can Be Added To The Menu

4.) Affiliate System Software

· Affiliate Program with ability to handle two-tier affiliate programs

· Offer JV Partners a higher payout. Even have super jv levels.

· Automatically track and calculate commissions for partner referrals

· Comprehensive affiliate commission management for your commission plan.

· Payout Affiliate Commissions

· Members Detailed Commission Stats and Affiliate stats for members.

· Members Affiliate Promotion Tools Section with Affiliate Link ID's built in for.

5.) Email Auto responder Software

· Email Opt in Builder - Use InstaSUITE List Builder’s opt in code to build your list.

· Easy Import of All Your Lists - Import your list and mail it instantly without waiting for approvals.

· Mail Multiple Lists - Ability to send out a single mail to multiple list at the same time.

· Email Automation Sequences & Scheduling - Type in your emails and send them instantly, or if you want schedule them to send them later. InstaSUITE supports and lists all the time zones, so you’ll be able to mail out for any time zone you want correctly.

· Click & Open Rate Reports - Show you a report detailing how many people have opened your mail and how many have clicked from your email to the URLs you put in.

6.) Blogging Platform

· InstaSUITE has a built-in blog so you can share your message and grow your list with no other blogging platform needed.

7.) Help Center

· Works with Email - Add email forwarding or your POP3 settings and your customers won't ever have to login.

· Knowledge Base - Easily create knowledge base to help customers help themselves - a self service experience that improves customer satisfaction and reduces support request.

· Customizable Templates - You can change the look and feel of the Help Center, such as you can change the logo, colors, headlines and sub headlines to make your Help Center follow your company's branding guidelines.

· 'One-Click' Responses - Getting common questions? Use a canned response or create a knowledge base article to save you time.

· Create Customer Notes - In customer notes for future reference all of the notes are private, so that customers do not see.

· View Customer History- At a glance, see the ticket history for each customer. Simply click on a past ticket to view it.

· Ticket Tags - Tags your ticket so you can find them quickly later on.

· Assign or Move Tickets - Assign the ticket to another agent or department by selecting from the drop-down.

· Prioritize Tickets by Color - This will help to prioritize urgent issues and you can easily change colors for each ticket.

8.) Other Cool Features

· Integration - We provide seamless integration with email marketing, social, and optimization tools with no programming required. Other integrations incl. Thrive Cart, YouZign, EasyLinks and more to come

· SEO Settings - SEO fields to place your keywords to give your site top rankings in the search engines.

· WordPress Integration Plugin - InstaSUITE also comes with an easy to use WordPress plugin. Simply download & install the InstaSUITE plugin, select the page and import your pages directly into your WordPress blog with a single click.

· Multi-User - You work as a team, so you can give them access too. You no longer have to pass your login information amongst each other.

· Client Management Dashboard (UPSELL) - If you want to give access to your clients for their campaigns you can do this and with this feature you can provide awesome value to your clients


No other software (as of this writing) can beat or match InstaSUITE as an all in one, cost effective, web based marketing platform that can empower you and make your online business thrive. Having said all of that and after seeing all that the software is capable of - get your copy of InstaSUITE TODAY and receive our exclusive bonuses!

Doodly – Unbiased Review with walk through of all otos

Review of:  Doodly

Use: Doodly is a powerful point and click desktop software that allows ANYONE to create doodle style videos.


Full featured, easy to use interface

User Friendly

Newbie friendly - Drag & drop UI


Great value for money

We Like

  • Easy to user interface
  • Create UNLIMITED number of videos
  • Includes EVERYTHING you need to get started

We Don't Like

  • Kinda pricey for launch
  • Dev OTO needed to sell the videos (tho easily paid with sale)

Summary: Doodly is a powerful point and click desktop software that allows ANYONE to create doodle style videos with an easy to use drag and drop interface. Doodly allows users to create unlimited videos right from their desktop for their marketing needs.


This is a wonderful product for content creators, business owners and marketers alike!

Doodly is a powerful point and click desktop software that allows ANYONE to create doodle style videos with an easy to use drag and drop interface.

Included is over 200 custom “poses”, 20 scenes, 200 props AND the ability to upload your own images. Fully tested and developed from the ground up,

It allows users to create an unlimited number of videos right from their desktop for their various marketing purposes.

Doodly is the most powerful & easiest to use doodle video creator. You can create powerful high converting videos in a snap! This is a definite must-buy for any marketer looking for a cost effective way to produce high quality video content that engages with their audience and more importantly, CONVERTS!. At the price it is being offered at, it is an excellent investment and powerful asset to get high converting content.

OctoSuite REVIEW

Review of: OctoSuite

Use: OctoSuite was designed to automate all of your social media tasks


Full Featured Social Media Automation & Management Tool

User Friendly

Easy to Use


Highly Cost Effective

We Like

  • Instantly find the most trending & up to date content from: Facebook | Twitter | Reddit | Youtube
  • Mass Engagement & Management
  • Bulk Scheduling of Content Posts

We Don't Like

  • Does not include advanced training like landing page creation (* we include this in our bonus)
  • Reseller License not included without OTO (not needed to run client pages however)

Summary: OctoSuite was designed to automate all of your social media tasks which saves you time and more importantly gets you loads of traffic and sales! OctoSuite is web-based software that enables you to control all of your social media. 

OctoSuite is OCTO-SWEET!

$37 - $57

Should you be using Social Media?

YES! You definitely should!

Why? Simple, because it works!

Freelancing, especially for clients needing social media services, is a hot ticket. All businesses need more social exposure, but few have the time to get it done themselves. But ­you’re only as good as the results you deliver. If you’re not getting more traffic, leads and sales for your clients, you could find yourself looking for work. On the other hand ­ if you’re consistently driving your clients more profits, you can name your price.

Imagine a lineup of clients beating down your door, happy to pay whatever you’re charging. And you can do it with a software that automates every step to turning every post into a viral traffic generating, sales driving machine. Best part? You can set this up in minutes, then it works on autopilot in the background. You can take on MORE clients, work less, and make more. Simply by firing up the software. It’ll find you the most viral content in any niche. Let you edit it at will, with your own links and calls to action.Then auto­post it across your entire social network. It’s pretty insane what this thing can do. And it's completely approved by FB,

That is why OctoSuite was created.

OctoSuite was designed to automate all of your social media tasks which saves you time and more importantly gets you loads of traffic and sales! OctoSuite is web-based software that enables you to control all of your social media accounts. It allows you to look for content based on keywords and other parameters like Most Shares, Most Likes, and Most Viral for example.

Features related to content discovery are:

  • FB fan page discovery
  • FB group discovery
  • Twitter discovery
  • Reddit discovery
  • YouTube discovery
  • Royalty free content discovery

After you find the content you will then be able to repost them on all your social media profiles and platforms. However, If you are not comfortable with the idea of “borrowing” other people’s content, you can use the search results as your inspiration to create your own content with your unique twist on it.

After that, you have the ability of scheduling when that content would be posted onto all of your social media networks. Here is what you can do:

  • 1-click publish the content to be published on all your social accounts
  • Schedule for the content to be published in the future
  • Drip feed the content to be published according to a schedule
  • Post to multiple groups at once
  • Bulk join multiple groups
  • History tool
  • Analytics Dashboard to track your results

This ingenious piece of software is a must buy for anybody wanting to have a strong online presence on their social media networks.

Dark Post Engine Review: How To Create Perfect Facebook Ads

Are you producing ads on Facebook?

If you’re like me, you have been spending a lot on Facebook ads, only to receive marginal returns.

But, then when you look at your competitors, you can see they are spending less dollars for more exposure.

Why is that?

It’s because they know something about your customer base that you don’t.

And with that knowledge they are able to garner more leads with less money.

So then, wouldn’t your businesses marketing dollars be 10 times more valuable if you knew EXACTLY how to market to your audience on Facebook?

Heck yes it would!

The problem is, there are no tools on the market that can provide you with this kind of insight.

At least there used to be the case until I stumbled upon Dark Post Engine.

This tool is amazing because it provides the exact information I need to crush my advertisements on Facebook.

With its intuitive UI and incredibly robust search algorithm I am able to find powerful insights in even the most obscure niches.

I can wholeheartedly say Dark Post Engine has saved me 100’s of hours in research.
And moreover has given me the insight to create ads on Facebook that are converting higher than ever before.

With so much information at your fingertips and over a billion users to pull data from, Dark Post Engine makes it easy to market on Facebook.

It’s easier to see than believe, click here for the Demo.
Know more about Dark Post Engine   

Take your Facebook Marketing Initiatives to the next evolution and make sure you watch that demo.
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