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How to Convert Leads at the Bottom of your Sales Funnel

How to Convert Leads at the Bottom of your Sales Funnel

Studies show that email marketing still converts, but many businesses are failing to convert prospects in their email sales funnel. These leads have already expressed an interest in your brand, so it’s not difficult to reach them.

How to Convert Leads at the Bottom of your Sales Funnel

Here’s an action plan to help you dive deeper and rise to the surface of your prospect’s inbox.



The fix? Analyze the Conversion Path

Identify what motivated the client to join your email list in the first place and capitalize on that data.

Just as marketing strategies are built around buyer personas, it’s possible to segment your email list using persona data as well. Google Analytics can track new email subscribers, and tell you which landing pages are associated with new email subscribers. Already using Google Analytics? Log into your account, scroll down to the Goals section, and find out which landing pages are associated with email newsletter sign ups. Visit Analytics Help for more information on set-up and troubleshooting.

Action Plan

Use those landing page topics as the topic for your emails. While you can’t go back and get this information if conversion tracking was not set up, it’s never too late to start. Set it up, and use the information as a guide for the veteran subscribers. Once you’ve identified the most common topic that draws new subscribers in, focus on that topic to re-engage your email audience.

The next step? Create subject lines that are engaging and irresistible, centered on that very topic. Use tools like to expand on the subject, and offer readers engaging, helpful information that will encourage them to click through and take the next step toward becoming your client or customer. Continue Reading

Potential Akismet Vulnerability

Hey just a quick heads up. There is a potential security hole in a plugin you probably have installed on your site and your client's sites.


Akismet. The makers have plugged a hole in their servers to stop the old versions from allowing this vulnerability but to be safe, I would DEFINITELY update this plugin as soon as possible to be absolutely safe. Simply login to your WordPress sites and update the site's plugins to fix this possibility.

To help with your security I recommend using Wordfence and if you are really security conscious possibly Sucuri. I have been using Wordfence for many years and to keep my sites up to date including themes, plugins, backups etc we use IWP, my all-time favorite WordPress plugin.