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The Mobile Marketing Mistakes that Hurt Local Businesses

Mobile marketing has been around for a while, but only a few years ago, it was focused on text messages. By the end of 2015, though, nearly 70 percent of Americans had a smartphone. This meant mobile marketing stepped into an entirely new arena.

Fortunately, promotional strategies have evolved as well. If a local business owner is making the following mobile marketing mistakes, though, they’re doing themselves a huge disservice.

Offering Content that Doesn’t Match Mobile

QR codes, mobile ads, and text messages are all ways to reach people on their mobile devices. It’s important to recognize, though, that not all content is ideal for mobile marketing. It’s important to consider all device types when doing this.

An ad or QR code that leads to a long page that requires tons of scrolling isn’t ideal for a smartphone, and links to Apple apps sent to Android devices won’t pay off well either. Local business owners must fully think out their content.

Not Offering Check-In Discounts

For anyone who has browsed at a bookstore and simultaneously looked up the same books via Amazon, it’s easy to understand how not offering a check-in discount can backfire.

People who show up at a store may do nothing more than compare prices to competitors, and this won’t always work out well. By offering discounts for those consumers who check in via social media, though, local business owners can increase the likelihood of a sale.

No Call to Action

Whether it’s a social media campaign or magazine ad, all marketing materials need a call to action. This is especially important for mobile marketing. People need incentives to sign up for email lists or download an app.

Local business owners must figure out a way to provide such incentives through calls to action.

Mobile marketing isn’t the wave of the future; it’s the wave of now. More and more, businesses of all sizes are recognizing this, but if they’re making the aforementioned mistakes, they’re causing real harm to their mobile strategy.

New Marketing Trends Coming in 2016

New Marketing Trends Coming in 2016

Marketing is continually changing, and what may have been seen as an excellent promotional medium in the past (ie. newspaper) is probably not so excellent anymore. This is why it is essential to stay on top of marketing trends. Not being aware of what is moving down the marketing wire could quickly leave you behind competitors, but knowing these upcoming marketing trends will put you in the game.

New Marketing Trends Coming in 2016

Snapchat is Blowing Up

Most marketers see the importance of social networking giants and video sites like Facebook and YouTube. Obviously, these sites were once simply undiscovered corners of the web. This is the case for Snapchat too, but the site has quickly grown to more than 100 million monthly active users. Combining so many eyes with the perfect prospect of real-time marketing means Snapchat is among the marketing trends to watch.

Ad Blockers Will Make Life Difficult

There once was a time when no one knew how to stop pop-up ads. The good thing is, that time has come and gone. These days there are tools that will block ads entirely. This does not mean that the fad of paid ads is over, but you will have to update your marketing strategy to ensure that your content provides real value.

Mobile Won't Be Valuable, It'll Be Necessary

Those in retail already have recognized that mobile marketing is essential to their strategies, but marketers in other industries have been slower to come around. Well, it's make or break time for all industries. Nearly 2/3 of Americans now own smartphones, and 10 percent actually access the internet solely on these devices. The future is now, so do not be the one left in the past.

Staying abreast of all trends is essential when running a business. Make sure you stay on top by listening to the marketing world.

Are Mobile Ads More Click-Worthy Than Social Sharing Buttons Looks Like It Says Moovweb

Are Mobile Ads More Click-Worthy Than Social Sharing Buttons? Looks Like It, Says Moovweb

Are Mobile Ads More Click-Worthy Than Social Sharing Buttons Looks Like It Says MoovwebSocial sharing buttons may be “falling to the wayside,” it now appears.


“Consumers on mobile are 11.5 times more likely to click on an advertisement than a social sharing button, proving that brands cannot rely on users to spread branded posts on social media unless there is a direct call-to-action, according to a report from Moovweb,” reports Luxury Daily.

While social media usage on mobile is extremely high, users tap sharing buttons approximately 33 percent less often that they do on desktop.

The upshot? Brands seeking to raise awareness of their products or services via social share buttons must offer a strong call-to-action to convince consumers to disperse their posts, such as a sweepstakes entry or incentive.

“We analyzed over 61 million mobile sessions and found that only 0.2 percent of mobile users do any social sharing,” said Haresh Kumar, vice president of marketing at Moovweb, based in San Francisco. “Social sharing has evolved, specifically as it pertains to shopping priorities. Continue Reading..

3 Things to Make You Smarter About Your Mobile Strategy in 2015

3 Things to Make You Smarter About Your Mobile Strategy in 2015Since the SEO world is buzzing about Google rolling out the mobile-friendly update, here's a curated content from that will surely help you with your marketing efforts this 2015.


Mobile advertising has slowly but surely established itself as a leader in digital media strategy, as this channel continues to evolve and innovation abounds. There are now 163.9 million smartphones in the United States alone, and mobile consumption is growing by leaps and bounds each year. If one thing is clear about your marketing efforts in 2015, it’s that mobile should play a major part.

What’s still unclear to many businesses new to the mobile arena, however, is how best to utilize mobile to ensure they are deploying the best solutions, right now, that will score with their target consumers. Should they build their mobile effort based off a desktop platform? Should they develop an app? And what do they do with all the resulting data?

Fortunately, putting together a smart mobile strategy isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds. Here are three things to consider for your mobile campaign as you move through 2015:

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How Up to Date are You on Mobile Marketing Strategies?


How Up to Date are You on Mobile Marketing StrategiesWhile we're still poised on the cliff of the mobile revolution that we were assured by all the pundits over the past couple of years, the delay does not mean that the outburst of earnings will never ever come. And while are legs might be growing tired from sitting still and our expectancy winding down as we reallocate our time and money back into tested earnings generators, that does not imply it's time to reject the power of mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing deserves it Depending on the Entry Level

The reality is that mobile users have actually been shown to be freer-spending than their desktop counterparts, so even if you simply tap into a small corner of that potential revenue, it's well worth it, provided you know how to do that naturally. And naturally, it also makes a distinction that you aren't eliminating your ROI by overspending on mobile marketing when it's since yet unproven for your channels (possibilities are if it is generating you earnings, you've currently penciled it into your budget).

2014 Mobile Marketing Strategies that are Killing It

With that stated, here are some mobile marketing strategies that work at practically every level of time and monetary commitment. Discover the level that you are comfortable putting in and try, who knows, it can open up an entire brand-new income stream for your marketing efforts.

#1 Responsive Websites

While this might be an added expense for some older sites, if you are intending on any brand-new sites, be specific that the design is responsive. This simply indicates when a mobile user views your site, they will see it properly because it immediately transforms to fit on any size screen correctly.

#2 Opt-In Text Services

It's a smart idea to have an opt-in for text on your site. This just gives you approval to send vital updates and crucial information directly to your customer's and lead's phones via text. Nevertheless if you spam them, this will undoubtedly backfire, so utilize this sparingly to obtain the most result out of it. Think about promos, codes, promotions, discounts, and so on.

#3 Predictive Analytics

This is an exceptional method to obtain automatic sales tips from your internet site. Predictive analytics assemble client and visitor data and utilize it to forecast exactly what your leads will certainly do next. They can offer customized discounts, accelerate the search process and eventually, increase conversions.

#4 QR Codes

If you don't know exactly what QR codes are, I can practically ensure that you've at least seen them. QR codes are those black and white boxes filled with what appear like Rorschach inkblots, only digitized. Customers and leads can just scan these codes into their smart phones to get all the information they need on your products, sales, discount rates, and so on. Not just is this easy to utilize for the consumer and you (and even take into offline inbound marketing channels), it is wonderful for analytical functions. You can easily track the incoming traffic originating from these QR codes and discover a bit more about the trends and practices of your leads and customers. Naturally, it's also incredibly affordable viewing as it's totally free to create QR codes on a number of sites across the internet. How you use them will certainly dictate your success.

How Likely is it Mobile Marketing Will Explode?

So, simply how important are these techniques? Well, mobile purchases are still just a small portion of the marketplace, however when you pay attention to mobile marketing, you get two huge advantages: first, you run the chance of increasing your conversions now and in the future with hardly any invest. Second, mobile marketing does marvels for your local search engine result and as we all know, rankings equal traffic.