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Facebook Group Marketing: Targeted Promotion Without Paying

Any local business owner who hasn't recognized the marketing potential of Facebook is simply not paying attention. As it turns out, though, the promotional capabilities of the social media giant go far beyond pages and ads.

Marketing via Facebook groups is quickly gaining steam, and since there were over 620 million groups at last count – which was seven years ago – the targeted potential is limitless.

Know the Rules

Before marketing in Facebook groups, it’s important to know each group’s rules. Some don’t allow direct promotion, and some admins will get upset if something is posted more than a certain amount each day. These rules should be followed to avoid getting banned from a group.

Diversify Group Portfolio

For promotions to work in Facebook Groups, it’s essential to not advertise in just a single group. It’s important to join a variety of groups that are directly related to a business (ie. mechanics can join all local auto groups), but it also helps to join groups that are indirectly related.

Someone with a curio store, for instance, could join groups focused on antiques, alternative religions, and creepy content. Promotional posts can then be targeted based on the tastes of each specific group.

Promote Events

One of the best ways to utilize Facebook Groups as a marketing tool is to promote events on them. These events can be anything from local sports games that a business is sponsoring to grand opening sales. If the people in a specific group are likely to show interest in a certain event, it makes sense to post about it and encourage engagement.

While it may not be the most common way of marketing on social media, Facebook Group promotion can be a powerful tool. It can take some time to get it right, but in the end, local business owners can help push their products even if they have just a few free minutes.

3 Facebook Contest Mistakes Local Businesses Must Avoid

Organizations will obviously get lots of engagement if they offer a free Xbox or iPad for a contest. As it so happens, though, this engagement might do you no good. It may seem counterproductive, but these prizes will attract multitudes of people who may have no real interest in your product whatsoever. Instead, give away a gift card to your store or at least something related.

We list some of the things you should avoid if you're planning to run a Facebook contest. Check it out below.

Offering an Unrelated Prize

Holding a contest where the reward is a weekend getaway, free airline flight or brand new iPad will clearly get plenty of engagement. Unfortunately, much of it will not be the engagement you want.

This is because these prizes will attract anyone instead of just those who may possibly purchase your product. Offer gift certificates for your shop or something equally related as a prize instead.

Furnishing Ambiguous Rules

When holding a Facebook contest, you must be sure that all rules are clearly defined. This means entirely explaining method of entry, the prize, winner selection criteria and how long the contest will run.

If your method of entry is something such as "Like this status and share" remember that Facebook has rules against these types of contests. Local companies don't typically have much to worry about, but to be on the safe side, many still use third-party apps. Regardless of how you run the contest, make sure you are absolutely clear on the rules.

Failing to Promote Facebook Contest

No one likes to overwhelm their fans with multiple posts about the same thing. This normal rule, though, doesn't apply when it comes to contests. It is not enough to make a solitary post and then forget about the contest until it is over. Share the status at least one time a day, but make sure you are providing other useful content on the site as well.

Successful Facebook contests can quickly get a business hundreds or even thousands of new followers. This is only, of course, if it is done correctly. Keep the aforementioned issues in mind when running your contest, and try not to fall into their traps.

Have you done a Facebook contest before? Share your experience in the comment box below.

Live Streaming and Its Advantages for Local Business Owners

Live Streaming and Its Advantages for Local Business Owners

Extremely Affordable

Maybe the biggest benefit of Facebook's live video, and other services like it, is the fact that implementation is remarkably affordable. In fact, business people can start a live stream right from their telephone.

This means whether they are at an online community event, discussing a local occurrence or simply providing a quick “how-to” video for fans needing more info on a topic, live video can get the job done without breaking the bank.

Delivers Sense of Urgency

Promoting 101 dictates that creating a sense of urgency will lead to fast results. When users know something isn't going to last long, they are more likely to pay attention. By its very nature, live video makes that feeling.

Thankfully, Facebook and certain other live streaming services save the video for later viewing. This means people coming around late can still reap the benefits of the clip. For those who see the stream pop up on their feed as it starts, though, the fact that it is happening right now means they will click just to see what's going on.

Even more Analytics Opportunities

Offline advertising may still be important, but the analytics provided by online strategies are vital. Just like any other post on Facebook, the social media giant will provide measurements for a live cast. In fact, many providers allow budding entrepreneurs to see how many people are watching in real time.

Whether a corporation outsources or does their own advertising and marketing, these additional metrics can help mold better advertising and marketing strategies.

Live video is without question a new frontier for local business owners. That is why they need to get at the forefront and beat their competitors. And with all the previously mentioned rewards, it seems almost negligent to not take advantage of the tool.

Dark Post Engine Review: How To Create Perfect Facebook Ads

Are you producing ads on Facebook?

If you’re like me, you have been spending a lot on Facebook ads, only to receive marginal returns.

But, then when you look at your competitors, you can see they are spending less dollars for more exposure.

Why is that?

It’s because they know something about your customer base that you don’t.

And with that knowledge they are able to garner more leads with less money.

So then, wouldn’t your businesses marketing dollars be 10 times more valuable if you knew EXACTLY how to market to your audience on Facebook?

Heck yes it would!

The problem is, there are no tools on the market that can provide you with this kind of insight.

At least there used to be the case until I stumbled upon Dark Post Engine.

This tool is amazing because it provides the exact information I need to crush my advertisements on Facebook.

With its intuitive UI and incredibly robust search algorithm I am able to find powerful insights in even the most obscure niches.

I can wholeheartedly say Dark Post Engine has saved me 100’s of hours in research.
And moreover has given me the insight to create ads on Facebook that are converting higher than ever before.

With so much information at your fingertips and over a billion users to pull data from, Dark Post Engine makes it easy to market on Facebook.

It’s easier to see than believe, click here for the Demo.
Know more about Dark Post Engine   

Take your Facebook Marketing Initiatives to the next evolution and make sure you watch that demo.
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[Case Study] 52% MORE Sales For 43% LESS Cost

Want to know a secret?

Improving your profits is NOT just about
driving more traffic. In fact, until you maximize your conversions,
sending more visitors is costing you boatloads of money.

In today’s no cost video, my friend Wilco takes you inside his FB
ads account and gives you a real world conversion case study.

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In this case study, you’ll see:

Why “behaviour-based” retargeting is so powerful and
cost effective

How a simple tweak to audience creation resulted in a 384% improvement in results

Wilco’s been testing this stuff for a long time and is one of the top
authorities on maximizing conversions.

This is video 2 of a 3 part series. Don’t worry if you missed part 1,
there’ll be a link inside so you can watch that video first.

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How to WIN using Facebook Retargeting (along with a best performing ad, yours to copy)

Maximizing conversions to your offers and lead pages is one
of the best things you can do to improve the bottom line.

My colleague Wilco de Kreij has been a full time online
entrepreneur for 12 years, and he takes conversions
more seriously than anyone I know.

He’s created numerous award-winning tools to help fellow
marketers, many of which are used by thousands of
people daily.

Wilco has just created a 3 part video series about retargeting
and how you can improve your conversions and profits.

> You Can Watch Part 1 Here

Watch This
In this 1st video you’ll discover:

  • The marketing “rule of 7” and what it means to your business
  • The huge flaw of traditional retargeting that means most
    advertisers pay more and get less, and how you can avoid
    this happening to you
  • Wilco’s template for his best EVER converting retargeting ad, that
    you can use yourself WITHOUT paying for designers or graphics

There’s no cost to see the video and nothing for sale. Just straight
talk from a conversion master.

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ConnectRetarget Review: Everything You Need to Know

An honest ConnectRetarget Review

Connect Retarget is a retargeting or remarketing software by renowned internet marketer; Wilco de Kreij. The software is set for a pre-launch on 1st July 2016. The software will be on sale from 7th July 2016 to 11th July 2016. Although the software hasn’t been officially released, ConnectRetarget has already garnered some impressive reviews from marketing experts such as Stefan van der Vlag, CEO of Marketing Released and Mark Thompson, fellow marketer and CEO of Digital Kickstart. According to the two who believe in Wilco’s work very much, Wilco's software will definitely stand out by offering higher EPCs not to mention other benefits like the ConnectRetarget bonus.

ConnectRetarget Review by Joe The Goat Farmer

How Connect Retarget works

Like any other retarget software, Connect Retarget helps website owners retarget or remarket their sites once site visitors leave their site. Connect Retarget however does retargeting better/more effectively and the software works perfectly for all niches. This is according to Wilco. It is important to note that most website traffic doesn't converts on the 1st visit. The importance of retargeting/remarketing can’t therefore be overlooked.

Connect Retarget focuses on Facebook retargeting. The software allows you to get way more targeted custom audiences on Facebook. In most instances, you can only tell metrics such as; audiences who visit a certain place.


With ConnectRetarget, you can tell more;

  • If they scrolled to a certain point on a page
  • If they stayed on a certain page/place on a page
  • If they came from a certain website to your website
  • If they are currently on mobile (so that you can retarget them when they are back on their desktop)

And much more..

In a nutshell, Connect Retarget upgrades your Facebook retargeting capabilities to a whole new level.

Step by step guide on how Connect Retarget works

Connect Retarget has a user-friendly interface. The software is part of the Connectio Apps.

Step 1: Connect the software with your Facebook ads account in the General setting tab under Connect Retarget in the Connectio Apps suite.

Step 2: Select the Manage Pixels, Create Powerpixel option to integrate your website pages with Facebook. This step allows Connect Retarget to submit a lot more information about your visitors to Facebook so that the information can be used for Facebook custom audience options. During this step, Connect Retarget will generate a code which should be copied to your clipboard and added to your website to allow the software to start collecting and sending all the necessary website information to Facebook automatically.

Step 3: Select manage audience to create audience. Select the Powerpixel created above, create an audience name, input a URL just like you would when retargeting and select other options appropriately i.e. days retention. Connect Retarget comes with many filters i.e. scrolled, browser language, referral source, Number of visits, Visiting Device, Number of Sessions, UTM Source/Medium, etc. Furthermore, you can save your filters as templates or create an audience.

Connect Retarget however comes with pre-created templates to be used to create certain audiences from your website right away. For instance, there are pre-created templates for; re-engaging old traffic, re-engaging search traffic, re-engaging mobile traffic, increasing social engagement etc.

Connect Retarget also allows users to create separate Power pixels for specific pages for more specified filters i.e. scrolling to a certain point in a page.

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Here is a pre-release demo of the software done by it's creator Wilco. We will post ours soon on this page:

This is an amazing case study on using ConnectRetarget

Know more about ConnectRetarget   

10 Facebook Video Strategies to Help Boost Engagement

10 Facebook Video Strategies to Help Boost Engagement

Why should I use Facebook video?

Does video on Facebook add any value to my business?

The answer is a big YES! And here’s why…

According to a study by Social Bakers, Facebook videos are shared 157% as often as YouTube videos. This presents a huge opportunity for your business to boost its engagement and grab the attention of your fans.

That is why in this post we are going to take a look at 10 creative ways you can use Facebook video to boost your overall engagement and leads.

10 Facebook Video Strategies to Help Boost Engagement

1. Re-purpose Existing Content

Business owners on Facebook often feel like they need to create brand new video content every time they post just to keep up with customer demand.

The good news is, this is not the case. In fact, you can still engage your fans with your existing content by re-purposing it into video.

This not only offers your Facebook fans new content to engage with but also extends the reach of your previous content without wasting the added time of producing the content from scratch.

Here are a few ways you can re-purpose your content for Facebook video:

  • Re-upload a recorded Blab session
  • Re-upload a YouTube video – this can be both older videos and your more recent clips
  • Record your podcasts in video format
  • Read out blog posts in audio format, then upload via video or create a screen share video as you read through the content
  • Record your slide share as a presentation video
  • Re-upload any talks/speeches you have done

As we can see below, Gary Vaynerchuck has been able to double his amount of video views thanks to re-uploading the same clip to Facebook. In fact, the Facebook video has overtaken the YouTube video in terms of views.

Gary Vee Videos

2. Embed Videos on Your Website or Blog

Depending on the size of your Facebook page, the chances are good that more people visit your website than your actual page, with the exception of promoted content. This presents another great chance for your business to drive traffic back to Facebook through the use of embedded videos.

Embedding your Facebook video into your blogs is just another way to convert new visitors to your site into fans as well as extend the reach of your content. The more your blog gets shared, the more people view your video.

To embed a video from Facebook into your blog, simply click the arrow on the top right of your post, then select “Embed video.” This will then present you with a code. To add this to your blog, simply paste this code into your blog’s HTML or text editor section.

This also presents the added benefit of new visitors to your blog being able to engage directly with the post –- giving them the ability to like, share, and comment on your post without having to leave your site.

Ravi Shukle Video

3. Be Creative with Call-to-Actions

We’ve all seen those YouTube videos with annotations that pop up while we’re trying to watch a video. This can be distracting and get in the way of the viewer watching the video.

However, when it comes to uploading video via Facebook, instead of annotations, you are able to create a call-to-action button at the end of the video.

Now it’s important that before you select the call-to-action, you consider the goal of the video. This could be to drive traffic back to your website, YouTube channel, sales page or even another video. Here are the options offered to you by Facebook:

Ravi Shukle Video

Again, you want to find a call-to-action button that best describes what you would like the reader to do. You can always test these out to find which one gets the highest conversions. Continue Reading

Here is my process for posting to Facebook for myself and my clients

I used Postplanner for a long time as it was able to find viral content and I was able to schedule it all. I was paying a lot of money to Postplanner for automating a lot of the content to my Facebook pages as well as my client pages. But I dreaded that monthly every time. You see if I can help it I try to buy lifetime licenses for everything but there was no way to gain the functionality of Postplanner without having a monthly payment to deal with.

But last year I got lucky and became a charter member of some software that changed content provision for me completely. I was also able to give accounts to my VAs so they could help me provide content provision to my clients too.  What was a surprise was that I found Sociocaster to be more capable than the monthly payment Postplanner was. After using it for a month on over a dozen facebook pages I soon cancelled my Postplanner account forever. It sure felt nice even though the Postplannner payment wasn’t that much. It was the fact that I was able to pay for my lifetime Sociocaster account immediately without losing the capabilities I needed. I was finally decreasing my monthly expenses for once.




The launch went away soon after and went to a monthly for anyone else coming in but what is exciting is that for a limited amount of time, they have relaunched with even more features and they are allowing lifetime memberships one more time!

So I say this with all sincerity as this was the best purchase I made in the last year, run don’t walk and pick up this gem. You won’t be disappointed. But hurry as with many of these types of launches, the lowest price is right now.

To your success,



p.s. Did I mention bonuses? Yes I will give you 10 bonuses for getting this through my link.

Reasons You Should Open a Facebook Account

Reasons You Should Open a Facebook AccountWe all know that Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites readily available today. With millions of active subscribers logging in every day, this is an excellent way to communicate with your close friends as well as your loved ones.

Thanks to social networking sites, it made it possible for people to interact dynamically with other people in the internet. Due to the fact that Facebook provides a way for people to interact with a lot of people dynamically, it will certainly serve as an excellent web site to announce things, such as occasions and group activities.

Not just that, because of this function, it developed a new means for internet online marketers to connect to a lot of individuals at the same time. Facebook have in truth made marketing much easier. In fact, a great deal of people have actually thought about Facebook as the very best medium or site for advertising within an environment that is viral by nature.

Open a Facebook Account

With the extremely interactive functions of the website itself, you will certainly see that this particular web site will certainly have the ability to let you optimize your communication with other people. All you need to do is produce a personal profile and connect to users. After doing this, you will certainly now be able to share the contents of your homepage or your profile page in Facebook.

The excellent thing about Facebook is that it currently has the numbers. Exactly what this means is that it currently has the traffic you have to market on. With millions of individual actively using Facebook and individuals that is already divided in to classifications when it pertains to age, interest and pastimes or hobbies, you will actually see that it will certainly make marketing a little simpler for you.

Facebook is Growing Everyday

Facebook is continuing to grow. Everyday, you will see that Facebook will collect more and more new members in various backgrounds. So, whatever you are marketing, you can be sure that you will have the ability to discover your target niche market right here on Facebook.

You have to consider the fact that every kind of individuals in different backgrounds from different parts of the world is now joining this one of a kind social networking web site.

Another wonderful thing about Facebook is that it currently has the tools you need to promote your services or products in addition to your company web site effectively. It has notes, blogs, and even news feeds that you can utilize in order to announce whatever it is you want to reveal throughout your friends circle.

These are things that you need to bear in mind about Facebook. With it, you will certainly be able to increase the capacity of your company to grow.


If you sign up with Facebook, make certain that the profile you make will be one that will be appealing. Also, the page ought to be packed with a great deal of enjoyable things to do. Attempt putting some videos as well as applications to get your visitors busy when they visit your profile page. Likewise, you might wish to try and fill your news feeds with wonderful things to check out. Or, you can likewise try syndicating your blog site page making use of RSS.

These are things that you need to bear in mind about Facebook advertising. By following these ideas, you can be sure that you will certainly be able to market successfully and get as much targeted traffic as you can from Facebook.