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9 ‘Set and Forget’ Ways To Make More Money From Your Website

9 ‘Set and Forget’ Ways To Make More Money From Your Website

The easiest way for most people to start making more money from their website is to improve what’s already working for them.

9 ‘Set and Forget’ Ways To Make More Money From Your Website

Consider this:

You are making $1000/month from selling an eBook on your blog.

To make $3000/month, you could release two new eBooks.

But is that the best way to spend your time? Will that give you the best ROI? There is no doubt more products will mean more money, but in most peoples’ cases you can make more money quicker, if you focus on what’s already making your money.

Improving our checkout page doubled our sales.

Adding a popup opt-in doubled the amount of people that signed up for our list. Our sales come from emails, so again, this doubled how much we were making.

When we significantly increased our page speed, our search engine traffic went up, people spent more time on our site and conversions went up too. All we had to do was spend 5 minutes hiring a page speed expert.

There are opportunities all around us. If you’re not satisfied with where you are right now, perhaps you should ask yourself, what isn’t working as well as it could. Continue Reading

Why You’re Not Making Money From Your Affiliate Links

Why You’re Not Making Money From Your Affiliate Links

This article is all about affiliate marketing. This will explain the possible reasons behind why you're not making money from your affiliate links and the possible solutions to improve your earnings.

Why You’re Not Making Money From Your Affiliate Links

As a follow-up to my last post on how to start affiliate marketing, I want to mention some reasons why you might not be making any money if you've already started adding affiliate links to your blog instead of addressing those questions in the comments…

Your readers don’t buy

Your readers may be more inclined to look, instead of buy. If you’re getting a lot of clicks on your links, but few or no purchases, this is likely the case. You will also want to experiment with different types of links (images, text, widgets) to see if one out-performs another, and keep track of when your readers buy/click. But your readers may primarily be of a younger demographic without much disposable income, or are more frugal with their money. Maybe they read your blog for inspiration, or “just for the pictures” and don’t click on links.

If you’ve been using affiliate links for quite some time (at least 6 months – preferably a year) and you’re not making sales, but getting a lot of clicks, then you should definitely consider moving to a pay-per-click model like ShopSense. That way, you’ll get paid whenever your links are clicked, not only when you convert a sale.

You use too many links

Or you don’t use the right mix of text & image links. With RewardStyle (and ShopSense) for example, you can use a combination of text links then image links in your post so you don’t overload it with too many text links. If your reader’s trying to read your post but is constantly interrupted with links, it can be overkill – break them up a bit, put them in one place, or use a widget and/or image links as well.

You’re not linking to the EXACT items you wear

If you’re a personal style blogger and post outfit pictures, your goal should be to link directly to as many items in your outfit as possible. Think how frustrated your readers will get if they really love something you’re wearing but they can’t buy it! If you frustrate your readers too often by not showing them where to buy things, then they’ll stop clicking your links or visiting your blog altogether.

If the item is absolutely no where to be found, then link to one similar item, that’s around the same price as what you’re wearing, but no more than one.

You haven’t been doing it long enough

Patience is a virtue! It takes a long time to build up enough trust and authority for your readers to start clicking on links. Don’t give up until you’ve had your affiliate links up for at least six months, AND you’ve been tracking them, analyzing which ones get clicked on most, and tweaking what you link to based on that information. If after that time (I’d REALLY recommend doing it for a year) you’re not making any sales, then a pay-per-click, or straight advertising model may work better for you.

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