Apply These 5 Techniques To Get More Visitors and Traffic

5 Techniques To Get More Visitors and Traffic

Every single website owner, internet marketer, or blog owner wants to have constant traffic online. They all want thousands of people to visit their website. The frustrating bit is when things do not go as planned. Here are a few tips to help increase and improve online traffic and website visitor rates.

5 Techniques To Get More Visitors and Traffic

Techniques To Get More Visitors and Traffic

Post on Forums

For virtually every niche, topic or industry there is an online forum for that community to interact and share their new ideas, personal opinions, expert advice, ideas, etc. You can find like-minded people who share a common interest and communicate with them. You can find forums dedicated to your industry by searching the internet. Find the ones that has the largest user base, register on the forum, start posting or responding and become an active forum community member/contributor.

Bonus Tip: Most online forums give you the option to post a link to your website or any other contact information you have on your post “signature” so you get more traffic and promotion the more you post on the forums.


Every time you have new content you want your followers to see, post it on Twitter so they can read and share it too . If you can make your tweet interesting enough using the right keywords you will be rewarded with a large click-through rate from people who are searching Twitter with hash tags (#)

Bonus Tip: Make your headlines creatively attention grabbing. When done correctly, people can't help but click on them because they are curious.

Comment on Blogs

Leaving comments on blog posts or blog sites written and run by experts in your industry (especially those with a large number of followers/readers) is a great way to bring high amounts of traffic to your website. A large number of blogs even give you the option to leave a link back to your website so other readers and followers can check out your blog/content.

Comment as quickly as you possibly can whenever a new blog is posted. You'll get more views and click-throughs when your comment is located further up and more visible to the readers. Make your comments insightful and relevant so other readers will want to visit your blog/website and generate traffic.

Bonus Tip: You can setup alerts when the blogs you are following are updated with new content so you can comment before anybody else.


Promoting your website/blog/content on Facebook or social media in general is a great cost effective way to advertise your brand to a wide audience without breaking the bank. Your fan page will become visible to your existing fans as well as their friends on Facebook for even more exposure.

Bonus Tip: Make certain you create a fan page not a group.

Write a Guest Blog

This is a good way to generate online traffic that is (virtually) free. All that is really needed is the time to create an article for the blog and that's it. Contact blogs that are the most popular and have lots of readers and ask if they would let you write and post on their blog. In most cases, the owners will have no objections to having other people write and contribute content for their website.

Bonus Tip: Do your homework and find out what type of content they would be interested in before contacting the owner or manager of the blog/website.

Post on Yahoo! Answers

People ask a lot of questions online every single day in virtually any industry, topic, niche or forum looking for answers that are credible and helpful to them. Answering the questions positions you as an authority figure in your particular industry. Respond to questions that are frequently or commonly asked to get you and your website a lot of exposure and generate traffic for you.

Bonus Tip: Yahoo! Answers appear near the top of the search results page.