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Dark Post Engine Review: How To Create Perfect Facebook Ads

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Are you producing ads on Facebook? If you’re like me, you have been spending a lot on Facebook ads, only to receive marginal returns. But, then when you look at your competitors, you can see they are spending less dollars for more exposure. Why is that? It’s because they know something about your customer base that you don’t. And with that knowledge they are able to garner more leads with less money. So then, wouldn’t your businesses marketing dollars be 10 times more valuable if you knew EXACTLY how to market to your audience on Facebook? Heck yes it would! [...]

Facebook Marketing: Helping Your Online Advertising Campaign

by Joe The Goat Farmer
  Given with e-mail and chat, the internet is still continuing to provide great methods for people to interact with each other. After the dating websites came the social networking sites, such as MySpace and Friendster. Now, among the fastest growing and very popular social networking sites today is Facebook. Basically, Facebook is just like your typical social networking website. Nevertheless, it has more built-in functions that will allow people to interact with each other far more efficiently and even more fun than other social networking websites today. In fact, Facebook is now the fastest growing social networking website with [...]

8 Steps At Boosting Your Facebook Advertisements

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Facebook has actually become a really influential social networking website and with it comes a new variety of techniques and applications for your company, and the majority of them are complimentary. Utilizing some or all the techniques talked about below can increase your online presence substantially. These applications or techniques are just examples, and there may be more steps readily available for you. 8 Steps At Boosting Your Facebook Advertisements Connect the Twitter app to your Facebook page When you do, your tweets will immediately become your status updates (or vice versa). In order to make somebody a "fan" of [...]

Facebook Advertising– Why Facebook Ads Work

by Joe The Goat Farmer
As of today, Facebook has near to a billion signed up users from all over the globe. From a company point of view, that's a huge piece of earnings pie. In fact, getting a little portion of that can set you and your business for life. Unfortunately, Facebook is torn into two camps. One believes that Facebook advertising works and the other thinks that it does not. With this tension, it's rather tough to state which side is right. The good news is, Andrew Lipsman, VP of Industry Analysis for comScore, tried to drop some light on these two different [...]

Facebook Advertising: Maximizing The Power of Facebook

by Joe The Goat Farmer
When we talk about social network, we commonly link it with network and relationships. This has been a niche for people who would want to find their soul mates and for some, reconnecting with lost friends. It is with this concept that social networking websites like Facebook are going strong for many years; almost all of us have an account or more in this famous social networking website. Social Networks are Effective tool for Marketing It is no surprise that with the many members and people connected on Facebook, social networking has actually ended up being a great and effective [...]

Common Facebook Advertising Mistakes

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Yes, Facebook advertising is easy to start. There are guidelines that can be followed and effectively implemented, even by novice marketers. But the simple instructions could be tricky for some, causing the pitfalls of some of the Facebook advertising practitioners. Just because it is easy to do does not mean you can just post your ads and be successful right away. So to avoid such pitfalls, here are the common mistakes committed at Facebook advertising. So you won't be misled by how easy it can be, be advised on what you must NOT do! Here are the common Facebook Advertising [...]