Link Building Tactics: 9 Reasons Why People Don't Link Back To You

Link Building Tactics: 9 Reasons Why People Don’t Link Back To You

Have you reached out to a lot of people or companies and linking to their material? Have you gotten any of them to link back to your content or website? Under these circumstances, you might want to review your website or article or blog.

Here Are 9 Possible Reasons Why People Dont Link Back to You

There are reasons why people or companies do not link to certain websites or blog sites. Here are a few link building tactics:

  • Your website is full of ads

Having advertisements on your website is a good thing, it means you are earning money. However having too many of them can make your website appear very distracting and cluttered. Here's a nice post full of infographic from HubSpot about banner ads.

  • Your website takes too long to load

By today's standards, any website that takes more than 3 seconds to load up is “too long”. If your website takes “too long” to load people and/or other companies might think twice about linking to your website. Additionally, your visitors might lose interest and move on to a different website that has the same content and but loads up within 3 seconds or less.

Quicksprout by Neil Patel

If you want to improve the load speed of your website, here's a powerful tool by Neil Patel that will help and guide you to properly optimize your website. You can also read this post how you can vastly improve the load speed of your website.

  • Your content is not updated

Pretty self explanatory. What benefit would people see linking to you if your content has not gotten any updates for a while. People might like what is on your website right now but not giving them fresh content with up to date topics will cause them to find other websites with the information they are looking for.

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  • You don't respond to comments

Answering comments be they legitimate, spam or otherwise showcases that you are engaged with your readers as well as your audience. Not responding to these comments reflect the exact opposite, that you are not engaged and interactive with your readers and audience. To easily manage comments, we highly recommend Disqus, a blog comment hosting service. It's easy to integrate and use plus it's free.


  • Your content is not written properly

There are times that articles and blogs have the occasional grammar issue or maybe a typo here or there but there are also times where the content is just “off”. It could mean that there are terms that are not used properly or the structure of the sentences make little to no sense or quite possibly the article itself makes little to no sense.

  • Your content is unoriginal

If you offer material that is not unique or not “original” most people probably won't bother linking to your content specifically. Let's face it, you can look around online searching for almost any given topic and find hundreds if not thousands of websites with very similar if not, the same information on them.  What matters is the fact that you put in the time to make your own unique spin on it.

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  • Your material does not have images that are relevant and compliment the subject matter

While this point might not apply to all types of subject matter, adding images make your readers more able to understand or relate to the article or blog post. Do not forget that a large number of people are visual based learners, they are able to grasp concepts faster if they see it represented in a visual manner.

If you want images for your blog, there are lots of websites out there that provide free stock images. You can check out, a collection of best free royalty photos. You can also search Flickr by Yahoo. In any case if you'd like to use the images we used here in our site, you can do so. Our images are available for download at our Flickr page. Click here to visit Joe The Goat Farmer Flickr page.

Flickr page of Joe The Goat Farmer

  • Your content does not have social sharing options

Believe it or not, some websites still do not have the option to quickly share their content to social media. People who read interesting, motivational or entertaining articles or blog posts online want to be able to share what they read to their family and friends. Not being able to do so limits the “share-ability” of your material.

If you're using WordPress for your website, we recommend you use Jetpack by or you can use a premium plugin like Monarch by Elegant Themes.

  • Your images or videos are broken or non-responsive

This is almost the same as not having images or videos on your website mainly because visitors on your site cannot see them. Think about it, the video that you made showcasing all the awesome bits about your website and what people can expect to see from you – is there but nobody can see it.