How to Grow Your Email List with A Great Newsletter

How to Grow Your Email List with A Great Newsletter

With majority of marketing efforts being done through social media networks, some marketers forget to utilize the power of a newsletter. Building your list and using the power of newsletters to reach out to your subscribers, fans and followers makes great business sense compared to posting business related news on Facebook.

How to Grow Your Email List with A Great Newsletter

A newsletter does not need a whole lot of time and effort, it doesn't even have to be lengthy. A good newsletter is just a concise write up to let your readers, fans and followers know what is going on with your company.

The key thing you have to remember is to consistently publish your newsletters making sure to keep them professional. That translates to newsletter content that is focused on transparency to your readers, letting them know what your company can do for them, as well as including useful or helpful tips that they can benefit from.

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Get started on your own newsletter with these tips:

#1 – Post “sign up” and “join our email list” forms throughout your website especially on your homepage

Encourage the visitors of your website to sign up and become part of your email list. Maximize the opportunity to “ask” them to sign up on multiple locations scattered throughout your website.

#2 – Offer a “bribe”

Send them something helpful like a free guide or a free eBook a gift card or just about anything that your readers see as valuable and can appreciate. Look at your potential site visitors and find out what they would be interested in so you can leverage that to persuade them to sign on with you.

#3 – Use an email marketing system to manage and measure your data

The ability to manage your list of email subscribers, gather as well as measure your email data is very important to gauge how well your readers are accepting your newsletters. This also helps you track what content works and what doesn't when put in front of your readers.

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#4 – Use auto-responder software

Use this software to remind you to send out weekly or monthly newsletters to your subscribers. You also have the option of using it to automatically send emails to thank your new subscribers for signing up on your website.

After your newsletter is all ready to go you then want to increase the number of your subscribers.

Check out these strategies to help you build up your email list:

Give Your Emails a Personal Touch – Be sure to put your name on the “from” line on your email. Your subscribers will appreciate reading an email that was composed by a real human being.

Widen Your Horizons – It helps a lot if you read other newsletters in the same field as you are. You will get to learn more about your chosen field and get ideas and other unique insights which you can then use on your own newsletters.

Make Yourself Easy to Find and Easy to Contact – Include your contact information in your newsletter or email and always try to encourage your readers to share their ideas, give their feedback, ask for suggestions, and any other thoughts they might have.

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Avoid Long Winded Emails – Keep your content short and straight to the point. Compose your email with short paragraphs and bullet points

Edit, Edit and Edit – Think of your newsletter as a reflection of yourself. Sending a newsletter with lots of typos or grammatical errors does not relay a positive message to your readers and subscribers. They might think signing up and joining your mailing list was a waste of their time. Check and re-check spelling, grammar, and links in the actual email before sending it out to your subscribers.

Stay on Schedule – Pick a schedule that works for you and stick to it. Don't limit yourself to that schedule though, feel free to send out little updates or special offers in line with certain occasions in between newsletter issues.

All in all, newsletters are a simple yet consistent way to reach out and interact with your subscriber base. This will benefit you in the long run by way of helping you increase your email list and continue to grow your following.