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Marketing Tips for Those with No Time to Market

It’s impossible for a business to be successful without marketing, but sadly, budding entrepreneurs don’t always have time to promote their company. After all, building a successful business rarely leaves time for posting regularly to social media. Fortunately, there are a variety of marketing tips that business owners with no time can utilize. Get Customers to Market for You You might not have time to get online and promote your business, but your customers likely do. You can offer incentives to your patrons – such as discounts or free items – for leaving honest reviews about your company on sites [...]

Facebook Group Marketing: Targeted Promotion Without Paying

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Any local business owner who hasn't recognized the marketing potential of Facebook is simply not paying attention. As it turns out, though, the promotional capabilities of the social media giant go far beyond pages and ads. Marketing via Facebook groups is quickly gaining steam, and since there were over 620 million groups at last count – which was seven years ago – the targeted potential is limitless. Know the Rules Before marketing in Facebook groups, it’s important to know each group’s rules. Some don’t allow direct promotion, and some admins will get upset if something is posted more than a [...]

How I build a following in any niche

by Joe The Goat Farmer
For a long time I have kept a secret. Mainly because it was expensive and difficult to reproduce but not because it didn't work. What was it you might be wondering? A lot of you reading this may have learned about me through my twitter account. Reason is because before this week, I used some software that auto-follows followers of big-time marketers I know. It worked like gang-busters but when I wanted to setup other twitter accounts I had to pay a monthly fee for it. So I did and let me tell you it got expensive. But over the [...]

3 Tricks for Utilizing Social Media to Actually Increase Sales

by Joe The Goat Farmer
The goal of every advertising and marketing endeavor is to boost revenue at a business. So in essence, every step you take with social media marketing is supposed to increase sales. As it turns out, though, there are a few methods that can directly garner more sales rather than indirectly getting people more apt to buy. These are just a few of those strategies. #1 Direct Individuals to Landing Pages It is essential not to oversell to your followers, but occasionally directing them to your landing pages is essential. This gives them the chance to make a purchase, but remember [...]

Ideas To Get One New Customer Per Day

by Joe The Goat Farmer
It's easy to get lost in the big picture, in the large, scalable planning that views customers as numbers and values and conversion rates rather than individual people. And, of course, there is a certain stage in every business where this becomes a necessary evil. Or, at least, it can be hard to put in that individual attention when you're servicing thousands of individuals per day.Even so, one of the best ways to grow early on is to focus on getting just one new customer per day; delighting some one person so much that they just can't help but tell […]

5 Things That Happen When You’re Authentic & Giving

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Despite the prevalence of social media platforms for several years now, companies seem to just not quite be able to crack it. Through some need to treat every platform that comes along like every platform that ever has been, despite them having vastly different effective voices and mediums, is insanity.And yet, every single day a search through the twitter accounts of emerging and startup brands will indicate a massive disconnect: People still don't understand that, at its core, authenticity wins on social media.If every action you take on social is guided by the consideration for what will be honest, helpful, and […]

4 Reasons Brands Fail At Social Media

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Social media isn't new. It isn't some unknown X factor or revolution that is freshly sweeping the world up and changing communication as we know it - it's already done that. In fact, it's been doing that for several years. So why, then, do so many people in the marketing world treat social media as some new, foreign thing that they just aren't quite sure how to wrangle? Put more bluntly: Why do so many marketers and businesses fail so miserably at social media? 1 Don't view social media as an extension of advertising. We get it, social media is […]

Running A Small Business? Here Are 5 Proven Social Media Marketing Ideas That Won’t Blow Your Budget

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Small business owners are generally hard-pressed for time and resources. In fact, a Bank of America survey revealed that small business owners find running a business to be thrice as stressful as raising children. If you feel like a small team, and a limited budget have been setting you back in terms of marketing your business, here are 5 ideas that will get you to think otherwise. 1. Share high-quality curated content Social media, sans paid social ads, is perhaps the cheapest, yet most effective marketing channel for any business. Agreed, that’s not news-flash material. However, you must seriously consider [...]

How Companies Can Use LinkedIn for Marketing

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Most individuals look at LinkedIn as a quick tool in furthering their job search. This widely-held notion is quickly changing, though, as more of the site's benefits become visible. Local business owners, for example, can use LinkedIn for marketing and advertising. As it turns out, just a few marketing techniques involving the site can really pay off. LinkedIn is sometimes only considered as a tool to assist an individual in their search for a better employment position. As the site became more widely-used, however, even more features became totally obvious. Probably the most critical for small businesses is LinkedIn's marketing [...]