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3 Offline Marketing Mistakes Local Businesses Keep Making

by Joe The Goat Farmer
While online marketing is obviously very important, it doesn’t mean that local business owners should ignore offline strategies. Even in the newspaper business – a dying industry – three-fourths of advertising revenue comes from offline ads. This proves that entrepreneurs can’t solely focus on digital. If they’re making the following offline marketing mistakes, though, it can be just as bad as having no offline strategy at all. Not Integrating Online and Offline Marketing Offline marketing certainly has its own individual benefits, but businesses that fail to integrate online and offline marketing are making a mistake. Ways to do this could [...]

Why Business Cards Are Still a Vital Marketing Tool

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Whether it’s social media or a website, most local businesses have a variety of digital marketing tools at their disposal. Of course, this doesn’t mean that offline measures aren’t still effective. The good, old-fashioned business card, for example, is still an effective marketing tool. It’s not just a method of keeping in contact with other professionals, and the following benefits prove it. Creates Legitimacy The biggest benefit of having a business card to hand out is the legitimacy it lends to a company. An entrepreneur without a business card is like a company without a website. It’s just not normal, [...]

Should Local Businesses Be Using Pay-Per-Click Ads?

by Joe The Goat Farmer
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Local businesses should at least consider using every marketing technique at their disposal once. In the world of digital marketing, this includes pay-per-click (PPC) ads that charge budding entrepreneurs every time someone clicks on their ads. While the efficacy of PPC ads can vary by business type, industry and location, there are at least a few pay-per-click benefits that owners should consider. No Waiting for Organic Maybe one of the biggest benefits of pay-per-click ads is the fact that they’re immediate. This is likely also why, not too long ago, 72 percent of marketers said they’d be increasing their focus [...]

Why Is Emoji Marketing a Real Thing?

by Joe The Goat Farmer
If there’s one thing constant about marketing, it’s the fact that it’s always evolving. Something that may not even exist today might be the marketing tool of tomorrow. Strangely enough, it seems as if emojis – the small smiley faces overwhelmingly used in messaging – have made their way to the marketing landscape. It might be hard to understand why, but these little icons can actually make a marketing strategy more effective. Improved Email Marketing Whether or not a local business uses a specific marketing strategy should depend upon data. Just how effective is the strategy? When it comes to [...]

3 Offline Marketing Tactics that Annoy Customers

by Joe The Goat Farmer
There’s no doubt that marketing is an essential aspect to any company’s success, and while we do live in a digital world, offline marketing is still important. From guerilla tactics to attending trade shows, these non-digital methods can really pay off. Of course, there’s a right and wrong way to do everything, so business owners should never engage in these terrible offline marketing strategies. Cold Calling from Noisy Offices Cold calls annoy most people, but it is an effective offline strategy for certain industries. In fact, for some companies, it’s the only offline marketing tactic they use. Because of this, [...]

3 Awesome Benefits of Local Marketing

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Local business owners are in a constant struggle to engage in effective marketing while still outshining their competition. As it turns out, there are a few ways to accomplish both tasks through one strategy, and local marketing is one of them. There are a variety of local marketing benefits out there, but budding entrepreneurs may not have known about the following. Ability to Combine Online with Offline Marketing Some of the best marketing tactics business owners utilize are offline, but with the quick growth of the digital age, many have begun to slack off on this form of promotion. With [...]

The Mobile Marketing Mistakes that Hurt Local Businesses

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Mobile marketing has been around for a while, but only a few years ago, it was focused on text messages. By the end of 2015, though, nearly 70 percent of Americans had a smartphone. This meant mobile marketing stepped into an entirely new arena. Fortunately, promotional strategies have evolved as well. If a local business owner is making the following mobile marketing mistakes, though, they’re doing themselves a huge disservice. Offering Content that Doesn’t Match Mobile QR codes, mobile ads, and text messages are all ways to reach people on their mobile devices. It’s important to recognize, though, that not [...]

How I build a following in any niche

by Joe The Goat Farmer
For a long time I have kept a secret. Mainly because it was expensive and difficult to reproduce but not because it didn't work. What was it you might be wondering? A lot of you reading this may have learned about me through my twitter account. Reason is because before this week, I used some software that auto-follows followers of big-time marketers I know. It worked like gang-busters but when I wanted to setup other twitter accounts I had to pay a monthly fee for it. So I did and let me tell you it got expensive. But over the [...]

Best of Both Worlds: Combining Online and Offline Marketing

by Joe The Goat Farmer
If you are successfully marketing your business, you are undoubtedly doing online promotion. After all, 81 percent of shoppers go online for research prior to making any large purchase. Do not think that this means offline marketing is less important, though, because if you can combine online with offline, you can see huge gains in your local marketing strategy. Market Offline Events on the Internet Hosting an event at your business is a creative way to attract new customers. You can do everything from offering a free class to hosting local professionals for a networking event, and in the end, [...]

3 Tricks for Utilizing Social Media to Actually Increase Sales

by Joe The Goat Farmer
The goal of every advertising and marketing endeavor is to boost revenue at a business. So in essence, every step you take with social media marketing is supposed to increase sales. As it turns out, though, there are a few methods that can directly garner more sales rather than indirectly getting people more apt to buy. These are just a few of those strategies. #1 Direct Individuals to Landing Pages It is essential not to oversell to your followers, but occasionally directing them to your landing pages is essential. This gives them the chance to make a purchase, but remember [...]