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3 Offline Marketing Tips that Help Businesses Succeed

by Joe The Goat Farmer
We live in a digital world, and any budding entrepreneur who ignores this fact is bound for failure. This doesn’t mean, however, that offline marketing is a lost cause. In fact, some research shows that this type of marketing can boost your online campaigns by as much as 40 percent. With that in mind, you should always have these offline marketing tips in the back of your head. Realize that Print Isn’t Dead Sure, there are far more emails sent than letters each day. Like… far more. This doesn’t mean that printed mediums are dead. Whether it’s business cards, direct [...]

Marketing Tips for Those with No Time to Market

It’s impossible for a business to be successful without marketing, but sadly, budding entrepreneurs don’t always have time to promote their company. After all, building a successful business rarely leaves time for posting regularly to social media. Fortunately, there are a variety of marketing tips that business owners with no time can utilize. Get Customers to Market for You You might not have time to get online and promote your business, but your customers likely do. You can offer incentives to your patrons – such as discounts or free items – for leaving honest reviews about your company on sites [...]

Online Success Through Offline Marketing

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Online marketing strategies have become a front stage in the promotional world. There are still, however, several offline marketing techniques that produce great results. In fact, offline tactics have been shown to increase online effectiveness by 40 percent. Additionally, many of these offline strategies have proven effective at creating positive online results. Here are just a few offline marketing tactics that equate to success on the internet. Include Website on Business Card One of the most overlooked methods of increasing online traffic through offline methods is including the website on business cards. While some budding entrepreneurs try to keep their [...]

3 Mistakes You Must Always Avoid with Referral Marketing

by Joe The Goat Farmer
The most trusted form of advertising in the world – with over 80 percent of consumers ranking it at the top – is word of mouth. Unlike social media, email and other forms of marketing, though, these referrals are contingent on people being motivated to make them. Luckily, there are ways to influence this type of behavior, but if you’re making the following customer referral mistakes, you’re hurting your business. 1. Not Offering Incentives Word of mouth has long been a trusted form of marketing, but in many cases, people aren’t going to do it just out of the goodness [...]

3 Tips for Successful Marketing at Trade Shows

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Trade shows present a great chance for networking, but at their core, these gatherings are meant for businesses to market their products or services. In fact, trade shows generated a full $12.6 billion in revenue during 2015 alone. This statistic proves that trade show marketing is valuable, but this is only the case if local business owners are using the right strategies – such as the following. 1. Promote Ahead of Time Via Social Media One tried-and-true method of getting attention at a trade show is by marketing the event ahead of time. Use social media to let clients know [...]

3 Customer Loyalty Plans that Actually Work

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Customer loyalty is a tricky thing to come by. In fact, one study showed that nearly 80 percent of consumers would jump ship within a week of a single negative customer service experience. This obviously makes customer service important, but gaining loyalty requires much more. Fortunately, business owners can use the following customer loyalty tips to hang onto their best clients. 1. Create a Customer Loyalty Program One of the quickest and most utilized methods of garnering customer loyalty is through a simple loyalty program. These once were nothing more than “We’ll punch your card for each purchase, and on [...]

How Local Businesses Can Market at Community Events

by Joe The Goat Farmer
People fall in love with companies for many reasons, but more and more, consumers are gravitating towards businesses that get involved in the community. Over half of people worldwide, for instance, say they will pay more if a company does socially responsible things like getting involved in the community. This creates a unique promotional opportunity, and businesses that use these community marketing events will see benefits. Sponsor Something Locally Sending a check to charity is a great thing, and if the organization publicizes the gift, it’s even better. To ensure a bit of exposure, though, many local business owners simply [...]

3 Offline Marketing Mistakes Local Businesses Keep Making

by Joe The Goat Farmer
While online marketing is obviously very important, it doesn’t mean that local business owners should ignore offline strategies. Even in the newspaper business – a dying industry – three-fourths of advertising revenue comes from offline ads. This proves that entrepreneurs can’t solely focus on digital. If they’re making the following offline marketing mistakes, though, it can be just as bad as having no offline strategy at all. Not Integrating Online and Offline Marketing Offline marketing certainly has its own individual benefits, but businesses that fail to integrate online and offline marketing are making a mistake. Ways to do this could [...]

Why Business Cards Are Still a Vital Marketing Tool

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Whether it’s social media or a website, most local businesses have a variety of digital marketing tools at their disposal. Of course, this doesn’t mean that offline measures aren’t still effective. The good, old-fashioned business card, for example, is still an effective marketing tool. It’s not just a method of keeping in contact with other professionals, and the following benefits prove it. Creates Legitimacy The biggest benefit of having a business card to hand out is the legitimacy it lends to a company. An entrepreneur without a business card is like a company without a website. It’s just not normal, [...]

3 Offline Marketing Tactics that Annoy Customers

by Joe The Goat Farmer
There’s no doubt that marketing is an essential aspect to any company’s success, and while we do live in a digital world, offline marketing is still important. From guerilla tactics to attending trade shows, these non-digital methods can really pay off. Of course, there’s a right and wrong way to do everything, so business owners should never engage in these terrible offline marketing strategies. Cold Calling from Noisy Offices Cold calls annoy most people, but it is an effective offline strategy for certain industries. In fact, for some companies, it’s the only offline marketing tactic they use. Because of this, [...]