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3 Content Marketing Tips to Quickly Improve Your Strategy

by Joe The Goat Farmer
If you don’t already have a focused content strategy for your local business, you are officially in the minority. In fact, companies spend over 25 percent of their promotional budgets on content marketing on average. This makes it obvious how important content marketing is to your business but is your strategy everything it could be? These three quick tips will help it get there. 1. Utilize Images Whenever Possible Whether on social media or in email newsletters, images increase engagement. This is a truth that’s been proven time and again. When you aren’t posting blogs or articles, toss up an [...]

Is Your Content Marketing Failing? This Could Be Why

by Joe The Goat Farmer
There’s no question that content marketing is essential for promoting any local business. In fact, nearly 50 percent of consumers check out 3-5 different pieces of content before even beginning the purchase process. This means a budding entrepreneur who’s not using content marketing is only hurting themselves. As it turns out, though, making the following content marketing mistakes can be just as damaging. 1. Content for Content’s Sake It’s important for businesses to consistently put out content. This keeps engagement high and lets consumers know that the company is an expert in its field. This doesn’t mean, however, that content [...]

What Hulu Can Teach Local Businesses About Marketing

by Joe The Goat Farmer
As of May 2016, the streaming service Hulu had surpassed 12 million subscribers. In marketing terms, this means they’re definitely doing something right. Of course, it may seem difficult to apply streaming marketing to other industries, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t a variety of marketing lessons to learn from Hulu. Here are three of the most important. Video is Imperative Considering it’s a streaming service, a video is obviously immensely important to Hulu. Video being the service they provide, however, isn’t the only reason it’s imperative. They also heavily use video marketing to promote their service. This was especially [...]

Content Marketing Trends that will Make 2018 Great

by Joe The Goat Farmer
While it might seem a little early to start looking for content marketing trends for 2018, there are certainly current trends that will affect how this form of promotion evolves next year. In fact, many of the advancements that occurred in content marketing in 2017 will likely continue strong throughout all of the upcoming year. Unfortunately, only 22 percent of marketers consider themselves very successful at content marketing, but the following trends could help change that. Using Social Influencers Corporations have been using social influencers since the dawn of marketing, but it’s not necessary to have a commercial with Brad [...]

Is It Ever Okay for Local Businesses to Use Content Gating

by Joe The Goat Farmer
It isn't usually smart to content gate basic items like blogs and articles. This is especially the case if you want your company to be viewed as a thought leader or you want to boost your social media following. Some content, though, is appropriate to put behind a gate. White papers, webinars, eBooks and case studies create a suitable moment when content gating is okay. Statistics show that white papers, for example, are used in business-to-business purchases over 80 percent of the time. With numbers like these, it is ok to ask for some lead information before giving out the goods.Content […]

3 Content Marketing Ideas That Can Really Pay

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Many small business owners see video marketing as the hardest form of content marketing out there. This is often due to a lack of ideas. One consistently successful idea, though, is to film customers giving positive testimonials.  Consumers who see the videos will know your clients are content. Better yet is the fact that featured customers will excitedly share the video with friends and family online.Produce ListiclesJust because you make great content doesn't imply people will click on it. After all, for every one "How to Skin a Lobster" blog a tackle shop creates, there are thousands more already listed […]

Coming Up with the Perfect Idea for Content Marketing

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Most industries have certain questions that simply do not get much activity online. This could include anything from coming up with a roofing estimate, to how to create restaurant-style steaks. Most of these questions are averted because those in the field think it could hurt their bottom line. This means people searching for these questions will not come across much. Thankfully, a budding entrepreneur can take advantage of this and get seen. Utilize Headline Analyzers Having an excellent piece of content and a title that truthfully represents what the blog is about is crucial. Sadly, this does not always guarantee [...]

Content Curation vs Original Content: The Battle In Social Media Marketing

by Joe The Goat Farmer
You may have heard that content is king in social media marketing. And that is true. But what many social media newbie marketers do not fully understand is the difference between using other people’s content (Content Curation) and creating your original content. When we created our social media courses and talked to some of our participants in the "Social Media Growth Basics", I realized how important it is to be fully aware of where and when it makes sense to use other people’s content. And you need to be aware what results from social media marketing you will never get [...]

Getting Your Content Marketing Seen By A Lot More People

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Facebook was once a powerful tool that essentially provided free marketing and advertising to all, but times have changed a bit. Now the site has altered its algorithms and made garnering significant organic reach very difficult for companies. Thankfully, boosting a post is relatively cheap and gets your fans' eyes on your content, and after that, you will see a rise in your organic reach. Don't go broke boosting your posts, but do not just leave great content to flounder either. Here are three content marketing strategies for you   Related: Here is my process for posting to Facebook for myself and [...]

Here is my process for posting to Facebook for myself and my clients

I used Postplanner for a long time as it was able to find viral content and I was able to schedule it all. I was paying a lot of money to Postplanner for automating a lot of the content to my Facebook pages as well as my client pages. But I dreaded that monthly every time. You see if I can help it I try to buy lifetime licenses for everything but there was no way to gain the functionality of Postplanner without having a monthly payment to deal with. But last year I got lucky and became a charter [...]