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Joe The Goat Farmer

Is It Ever Okay for Local Businesses to Use Content Gating

by Joe The Goat Farmer
It isn't usually smart to content gate basic items like blogs and articles. This is especially the case if you want your company to be viewed as a thought leader or you want to boost your social media following. Some content, though, is appropriate to put behind a gate.White papers, webinars, eBooks and case studies create a suitable moment when content gating is okay. Statistics show that white papers, for example, are used in business-to-business purchases over 80 percent of the time. With numbers like these, it is ok to ask for some lead information before giving out the goods.Content […]

3 Facebook Contest Mistakes Local Businesses Must Avoid

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Organizations will obviously get lots of engagement if they offer a free Xbox or iPad for a contest. As it so happens, though, this engagement might do you no good. It may seem counterproductive, but these prizes will attract multitudes of people who may have no real interest in your product whatsoever. Instead, give away a gift card to your store or at least something related.We list some of the things you should avoid if you're planning to run a Facebook contest. Check it out below.Offering an Unrelated PrizeHolding a contest where the reward is a weekend getaway, free airline […]

Firefox 0-Day Exploit

by Joe The Goat Farmer
in Blog
Stop using Firefox NOW There's a zero-day exploit in the wild that's being used to execute malicious code on the computers of people using Tor and possibly other users of the Firefox browser, officials of the anonymity service confirmed Tuesday. Word of the previously unknown Firefox vulnerability first surfaced in this post on the official Tor website. It included several hundred lines of JavaScript and an introduction that warned: "This is an [sic] JavaScript exploit actively used against TorBrowser NOW." Tor cofounder Roger Dingledine quickly confirmed the previously unknown vulnerability and said engineers from Mozilla were in the process of [...]

3 Content Marketing Ideas That Can Really Pay

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Many small business owners see video marketing as the hardest form of content marketing out there. This is often due to a lack of ideas. One consistently successful idea, though, is to film customers giving positive testimonials. Consumers who see the videos will know your clients are content. Better yet is the fact that featured customers will excitedly share the video with friends and family online.Produce ListiclesJust because you make great content doesn't imply people will click on it. After all, for every one "How to Skin a Lobster" blog a tackle shop creates, there are thousands more already listed […]

Get Clients By Giving This Away

Review of: 2017 Top Online Directories Use: This best selling PLR product just got better with the 2017 version of Top Online Directories. Make money giving away this powerful, 77-slide PowerPoint/Keynote presentation. Features Great PLR User Friendly Copy/Paste Price Only 7 bucks and on a dime sale! We Like Easy to implement Well writtenMake you look like an expert We Don't Like There are a few OTOs but they are minor and not needed Summary: There are three main reasons why I think you should consider this:1) You give this presentation away for free and you turn prospects into customers. This […]

Email Tools REVIEW

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Review of: Email Tools Use: A powerful web based tool that allows your user to create Timers for Email, Custom Image Personalization, Video For Email, & Survey For Email. Features Great feature set for cloud based email marketing tool User Friendly Easy to use and implement in existing email marketing campaigns Price Offers compelling value to every email marketer We Like Flexible web based tool - No download needed Easy to keep track of ongoing email campaigns - Suite is well organizedLots of templates to work with - Get started right away We Don't Like At the time of writing training […]


by Joe The Goat Farmer
Review of: InstaSUITE Use: A web-based Marketing platform with all the tools you need packaged into one clean, simple-to-use web-based application. Features Comprehensive, full featured software! User Friendly Easy to setup and manage! Price Offers SUPERB value! We Like All in One web-based solution Highly Cost effective price pointGrants full control of all pages/sites you create We Don't Like Price could go up in the near future OTOs can be a little bit pricey Summary: InstaSUITE is a web-based Marketing platform with all the tools you need packaged into one clean, simple-to-use web-based application under a single roof that will empower […]

Ideas To Get One New Customer Per Day

by Joe The Goat Farmer
It's easy to get lost in the big picture, in the large, scalable planning that views customers as numbers and values and conversion rates rather than individual people. And, of course, there is a certain stage in every business where this becomes a necessary evil. Or, at least, it can be hard to put in that individual attention when you're servicing thousands of individuals per day.Even so, one of the best ways to grow early on is to focus on getting just one new customer per day; delighting some one person so much that they just can't help but tell […]

5 Things That Happen When You’re Authentic & Giving

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Despite the prevalence of social media platforms for several years now, companies seem to just not quite be able to crack it. Through some need to treat every platform that comes along like every platform that ever has been, despite them having vastly different effective voices and mediums, is insanity.And yet, every single day a search through the twitter accounts of emerging and startup brands will indicate a massive disconnect: People still don't understand that, at its core, authenticity wins on social media.If every action you take on social is guided by the consideration for what will be honest, helpful, and […]