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Common Facebook Advertising Mistakes

by Joe The Goat Farmer
Yes, Facebook advertising is easy to start. There are guidelines that can be followed and effectively implemented, even by novice marketers. But the simple instructions could be tricky for some, causing the pitfalls of some of the Facebook advertising practitioners. Just because it is easy to do does not mean you can just post your ads and be successful right away. So to avoid such pitfalls, here are the common mistakes committed at Facebook advertising. So you won't be misled by how easy it can be, be advised on what you must NOT do! Here are the common Facebook Advertising [...]

3 Special Ways to Enhance Email Engagement

by Joe The Goat Farmer
We've composed a couple of ideas for email marketing material previously, but today we'd like to stay away from the conventional content and opt for something that might make you stick out a bit from the other marketing spam ... er ... emails people get. Yes, you must still follow everything else we stated about producing urgency with your subject line, developing a concise email that sticks to a limited subject and supplying social widgets in the trademark to open up even more opportunities for connection. But what we didn't point out is that there are any number of other [...]
What Is Facebook Advertising

What Is Facebook Advertising?

by Joe The Goat Farmer
EXCLUSIVE FOR MEMBERS ONLY - People hear a lot new about Facebook each day from its new games, new chat environment, new profile layout and a lot more. All almost all of the 800 million plus people who use this social networking site spend their time using these new stuffs at Facebook. One thing about Facebook though that is not so new is Facebook advertising. And although almost all of its users are participating in this scheme, just a little percent of Facebook fanatics are really into it. Why, you might ask. This is because most of Facebook members cannot grasp the power of Facebook advertising.