3 SEO Mistakes Your Company Must Stop Making Today

by Joe The Goat Farmer

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3 SEO Mistakes Your Company Must Stop Making Today

Simplicity is a virtue in most things. If you are applying this rule to your keyword targeting, though, you are going to see poor results. Keywords that target your city name and type of business certainly need to be involved, but you must focus on more than just short keywords.

Here are 3 SEO slipups your corporation must stop making today.

#1 Centering on Short Keywords

When it comes to targeting certain keywords to optimize your website, however, there may be more harm than good. Keywords like ‘Augusta Georgia Restaurants' obviously need to be incorporated in your strategy, but you must also move beyond these short keywords.

As it turns out, half of all internet searchers are at least four words long. Target keywords that your competition might not have thought of. Add terms such as ‘low cost,' ‘best in' or something that makes your business stand out among others. Short keywords are good, but you must never drop the ball on long-tail keywords.

#2 Participating in Naughty SEO

If you use methods like keyword stuffing, purchasing backlinks or utilizing low-quality link directories, you could do irreparable damage. Google takes note of these shady practices, and they could use punitive actions against your site if you participate in them.

Ignoring the benefit of Title and Meta Descriptions

If you have a marketing agency handle your SEO and other promotional strategies, you do not have to worry about meta descriptions and title tags. If the firm is dropping the ball or you are handling your webpage on your own, however, it could be a huge concern.

Far too many local company owners simply put their company name as the title on every page and completely ignore meta descriptions. Doing this is destructive since search engines cannot tell the difference between your pages. On top of that, having unique descriptive information for every page will help prospects find exactly what they need.

Seo is something you shouldn't ignore. When it comes down to it, though, ignoring Search engine optimization might actually be better than engaging in the previously mentioned practices.