3 Types Of Email Marketing Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

3 Types Of Email Marketing Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Let's talk about how frequently you should send them and how to execute them successfully.

3 Emails your Business Should be Sending to your Subscribers

Do you have emails scheduled to be sent out at set times in a day like clockwork? Or are they being sent out kind of sporadically? How many types of emails do you send out? Do you have a variety emails for every transaction? every occasion? Think about it for a second. You want to establish an open relationship with your customers, readers and or leads. You want to build rapport, educate them and of course make some money while doing all that.

At this point I'm sure you're asking yourself  “How do I accomplish all that?” The answer is by consistently sending out these three emails: Welcome Email, Newsletter, and Promotional Email.

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3 types of email marketing tactics for business

#1 Send a Welcome Email

A recent study found that 80% of companies now send out welcome emails up from 40%. Are you welcoming your new customers? Do you roll out the red carpet for them? Make them feel welcome with your warm greetings.

Here are the important points that you need to include in your welcome email:

Tell them what they can expect. Give your new customers, readers and leads your warmest welcome and set their expectations immediately. Let them know what information you will be sharing with them in your future and how often they will be getting them.

For example:

You could offer advice and how-to articles, as well as some promotional or introductory offers. You could send bi-weekly, monthly, or another frequency. Remember, stay true to whatever you promise!

Send them special offers. Give your new subscribers a discount, an introductory offer, or a gift for simply signing up. Then, let your new subscribers aware that they’ll receive special email-only offers that they can’t get anywhere else. From that point on, they will always look forward to getting your awesome email content.

When sending a welcome email to your new subscribers, timeliness is key. You'll want to send it out as soon as they subscribe or shortly after they sign up. You can follow these 7 ways to craft effective welcome emails.

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#2 Send Newsletters

Newsletter should always offer valuable information to your customers and readers.

Here are the important points that you need to include in your newsletter:

A good newsletter has relevant news, press releases, blog articles, or other publications that will educate and help your readers and subscribers. You can also include announcements for upcoming events like webinars. These could be events that you are hosting or events that you are participating in. You can also include interviews with your colleagues on a radio show, at a college campus, etc.

Be sure to include improvements to your products or services, new management, new business practices, as well as letting your subscribers know that you are responding to their feedback and improving something for them – That is always great news to share!

Tell your readers what you want them to do with clear calls to action such as “read more, learn more, and register now” as a few examples. You can easily create call to action buttons for your website or emails and newsletters.

Try to avoid including too much information, a good rule of thumb is to fit the content on one page of a word document. Because newsletters are meant to be comprehensive, a good practice would be to send it once or twice a month.

#3 Send them promotional emails

Offer something that is unique and valuable to your subscribers and readers. If you do not provide something of real value to your subscribers, they might find it really tempting to click the unsubscribe button.

Here are some important points that you need to include in your promotional emails:

Emphasis on the word “NEW”! Come up with new offers. Do not repeat a certain offer multiple times in a row or back to back your subscribers might think you are not creative enough to bring a fresh and compelling offer to them.

Make it as easy as possible for your subscribers and readers to get the promotion and take advantage of the opportunity. Just make sure you involve as little steps as possible from reading the content of the promotion to purchasing the product. Do not make it complicated for your qualified leads to seal the deal and buy your product. A complicated process can frustrate an interested buyer and could discourage them from completing the purchase.

By incorporating these types of emails in your email marketing campaigns, you can encourage your subscribers and readers to be loyal, engaged, and spending.