Create and add countdown timer in your sales pages, special offers, and time-limited events.

Here Are Just Some Of The Groundbreaking
Features In TimerBar:

Cloud Hosted

Nothing to install. Just log in and create your TimerBar campaigns.

Boost Sales​

Nothing increases sales and opt-ins like a real scarcity timer.​

Super fast​

Just​ add a few bits of info and your TimerBar campaign is ready.

Remote counters​

Add a TimerBar scarcity bar or countdown to your​ own site, or as a Smart URL overlay on any external site - perfect for affiliate promos.

Design options​

​Customize all colours, fonts, graphics, text and links. TimerBar gives you 100% flexibility.

Intelligent c​ounter​

​Once a counter reachers zero you can redirect users to a new URL, or set it to hide automatically.

Mobile responsive​

​Don't lose sales from mobile users - TimerBar is responsive and will resize for any device.

​Unlimited counters

​Create as many TimerBar campaigns as you like - no limit for our lifetime account customers.​

​Central dashboard

​See all your campaign stats, status and functions in one powerful central dashboard.

​​One off pricing

​Unlike some other apps, no expensive monthly fees. Just pay once!

​​NEW: Email Countdowns

​​You can now create animated countdowns that work right INSIDE your emails. This is a huge new feature your customers will love.


You'll also get all future software updates free. No other platform offers this kind of deal, in fact many charge more for just a single month's acces​​​​s than the special low introductory price offered here today.

Act now this is a very limited introductory offer and will be withdrawn at any time.

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