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3 Simple Ways to Build Additional Website Backlinks

You would be hard pressed to find a business owner who doesn't at least acknowledge that search engine optimization (SEO) is an important factor in marketing. Upwards of 90 percent of people search online before making any purchase, so the ability to be found is paramount.

One great way to increase your search ranking is to build backlinks from other corners of the web, and even if you have professionals handling this, there are a few things you can do to help out.

1. Become Philanthropic

Digital marketing professionals utilize a variety of tactics to get backlinks to your website. What they can’t do, however, is donate your company’s money to philanthropic causes.

The fact is that most organizations, regardless of their stated mission, will be more than happy to link to your website after you make a donation. Make an effort, however, to pick an organization related to your industry.

2. Offer Interviews

If you've become an industry thought leader, many large websites may jump at the chance to interview you. If you’re not well known, though, you can still reach out to those in related industries and let them know what you have to offer. This will take up a minimal amount of your time, but the end result is an authoritative backlink to your website.

3. Start a Blog

If you don’t have a blog, you need to either start one or task your digital marketers with doing so. Frequent authoritative posts will result in a higher SEO ranking in general, but this isn't where it stops. When others find your informative blogs, there’s a good chance they’ll link to the information in their own blog or on other sites. This type of backlink comes without even having to ask.

Backlinks are a powerful tool when it comes to marketing and SEO ranking. It’s important to let your digital marketing experts handle the hard stuff, but if you can take on the aforementioned strategies, you’ll be doing your part in bringing traffic to your company’s site.

3 SEO Mistakes Your Company Must Stop Making Today

Simplicity is a virtue in most things. If you are applying this rule to your keyword targeting, though, you are going to see poor results. Keywords that target your city name and type of business certainly need to be involved, but you must focus on more than just short keywords.

Here are 3 SEO slipups your corporation must stop making today.

#1 Centering on Short Keywords

When it comes to targeting certain keywords to optimize your website, however, there may be more harm than good. Keywords like ‘Augusta Georgia Restaurants' obviously need to be incorporated in your strategy, but you must also move beyond these short keywords.

As it turns out, half of all internet searchers are at least four words long. Target keywords that your competition might not have thought of. Add terms such as ‘low cost,' ‘best in' or something that makes your business stand out among others. Short keywords are good, but you must never drop the ball on long-tail keywords.

#2 Participating in Naughty SEO

If you use methods like keyword stuffing, purchasing backlinks or utilizing low-quality link directories, you could do irreparable damage. Google takes note of these shady practices, and they could use punitive actions against your site if you participate in them.

Ignoring the benefit of Title and Meta Descriptions

If you have a marketing agency handle your SEO and other promotional strategies, you do not have to worry about meta descriptions and title tags. If the firm is dropping the ball or you are handling your webpage on your own, however, it could be a huge concern.

Far too many local company owners simply put their company name as the title on every page and completely ignore meta descriptions. Doing this is destructive since search engines cannot tell the difference between your pages. On top of that, having unique descriptive information for every page will help prospects find exactly what they need.

Seo is something you shouldn't ignore. When it comes down to it, though, ignoring Search engine optimization might actually be better than engaging in the previously mentioned practices.

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How Companies Can Use LinkedIn for Marketing

Most individuals look at LinkedIn as a quick tool in furthering their job search. This widely-held notion is quickly changing, though, as more of the site's benefits become visible. Local business owners, for example, can use LinkedIn for marketing and advertising. As it turns out, just a few marketing techniques involving the site can really pay off.

LinkedIn is sometimes only considered as a tool to assist an individual in their search for a better employment position. As the site became more widely-used, however, even more features became totally obvious. Probably the most critical for small businesses is LinkedIn's marketing potential. In fact, utilizing the following LinkedIn advertising ideas can do wonders.

Host an Event

Creating and promoting an event via LinkedIn creates a variety of different marketing opportunities. Obviously, doing so can attract more attention to the event.

In addition, hosting an event creates a feeling of industry leadership that is wonderful in the marketing world. And since 58% of marketers use social media to engage consumers during live events, an event can be effective using fully online tactics.

Advertise Blog Content

Hosting a blog leads to 55% more website visits, so not having one is generally neglectful. By using the WordPress or Blog Link apps, you can easily import your blog to LinkedIn. This will give clients a sneak peek at a company's expertise and bring more website traffic.

Grow Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital marketing technique that can make or break a small business's online presence. The good news is, using LinkedIn can increase one's search ranking and make less complicated to find them online.

Simply having a LinkedIn profile is enough to increase a company's online presence, but even more can be done. In the “Websites” and “Blogs” section of a LinkedIn page, for instance, simply typing in some good keywords will increase a business's search ranking for those particular keywords.

As advertising moves more out of the offline arena and into the digital world, small businesses must utilize every online strategy at their disposal. Unfortunately, many overlook LinkedIn, but for those that do use the platform, there will be distinctive competitive rewards in the modern business world.

Tips for Local Businesses on Using Press Releases

Tips for Local Businesses on Using Press Releases

Focus on Search Engine Optimization

Having a very good headline and injecting quotes can make a press release good, but this will be for naught if you fail to include SEO techniques. After all, over half of Americans search on the internet as their main news source.

This means your press release should integrate suitable keywords without seeming forced. Not only will this help people find your press release much easier, it will build upon your site's search engine results.

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Automatically Get Down to Brass Tacks

When you're posting an essay or term paper in school, it is okay to have an awesome lead in and build up to your point. This is not necessarily the case in press releases. You really need to immediately get to the point. Reporters are busy people, and you want to automatically get their attention. If you fail in this effort, your press release may just end up published as-is and have no media follow-up whatsoever.

Keeping it to a Page

Again, reporters are fast paced people. This means they may not be likely to sit down and read an overly long press release. Always keep your press releases beneath a page when possible.

This will raise the likelihood of reporters paying attention and also force you to give attention to only the main points of your announcement. It doesn't mean, though, that you cannot include links and information on where to learn more.

Press releases may appear to be relics of a time long gone, but they didn't become irrelevant. The easiest way to utilize them has simply evolved. You should use every advertising tool at your disposal, and press releases are a proven method.

Getting Your Content Marketing Seen By A Lot More People

Facebook was once a powerful tool that essentially provided free marketing and advertising to all, but times have changed a bit. Now the site has altered its algorithms and made garnering significant organic reach very difficult for companies. Thankfully, boosting a post is relatively cheap and gets your fans' eyes on your content, and after that, you will see a rise in your organic reach. Don't go broke boosting your posts, but do not just leave great content to flounder either.

Here are three content marketing strategies for you


Getting Your Content Marketing Seen By A Lot More People

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Cross Medium Barriers

It is great if you create an article that does nicely on your social networking sites, but why let it end there? An article can easily be repurposed into a blog post, video, or even white paper. When a piece of content does well, it is obvious that you struck a chord with your followers. Do not allow this content just fizzle out into nothingness. While you should share great content, giving it a full makeover can be even better.

Boost Content for the Search Engines

Google has slowly evolved so much that great content shows up high on search results no matter of some time-tested SEO tactics. This means there is less concentration on SEO, but that does not mean to forget search engines. A URL with your keyword, meta description with keywords, graphic names dedicated to SEO, and including the keyword in your title will all help you get noticed on Google. Whether or not you succeed from that point is based on your content's performance.

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Spend a Few Bucks

There once was a time when Facebook would show your fans anything you wanted, but that era has passed. The social networking giant has changed how it does things, and it is now tougher than ever to get organic reach on the site. Fortunately, you can boost your posts and ensure fans see your content, and once this is achieved, organic reach will begin to increase. It is not necessary to break the bank, but a few dollars can go quite a distance.

Content marketing can easily take your small business to the next level. This is why you should attempt everything at your disposal to increase your reach.

6 Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Website Traffic

6 Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Websites need traffic to increase the exposure as well as the number of leads that can convert to more sales. Basically, more traffic gets you more leads that gets you potentially get more sales. You employ a number of things to increase online traffic on your website. Today, we are going to share a few ways to increase website traffic.

6 Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Website Traffic

1. Improve your website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A website that is poorly SEO optimized does not help you get more traffic. Mind you it isn't the end all be all but it does help a lot because you website's search ranking drives traffic towards your website. Making sure your website performs well on Google's search results can help or hurt your online website traffic.

You can employ the services of an SEO agency to help you find and fix key elements to help improve your website's performance in Google's site rankings or if you are knowledgeable you can put in the time and make changes yourself.

2. Invest in Public Relations and Social Media Campaigns

Public relations is probably one of the best and reasonably cheaper ways to attract attention and traffic to your brand and website. The key thing is to create a plan that outlines what you are aiming to do (PR, social media, or link building) and then list the type of content that you want to make for each respective purpose.

Public relations by way of social media is relatively easy. Look to create content that is popular and will spread on social media. If it goes “viral” that is a big plus.

3. Improve your Brand's Credibility

Having a credible website means you get more visitors not only that, you get more return visitors. Getting new people to visit your site is alright but getting repeat visitors as well as new ones is the best case scenario. The road to becoming a trusted and reliable source for information and content starts by doing your research on what your niche's common interests are. Find out what topics they discuss a lot, their frequently asked questions, the things they want to be clarified, etc… Once you find out what you need to work on, create the content focusing on relevance and accuracy.

When searching the internet for information or content on specific topics, people almost always lean towards websites that are trustworthy and reliable. They keep coming back to those websites times and time again. Remember to incorporate your wealth of knowledge, experience, insight, and creative ideas when creating and sharing the content with your audience and prospective customers.

4. Create your Email List

The ability to create and continuously update a list of names and email addresses of people who are interested and enjoy reading and sharing your content is another way to increase traffic to your website. You can collect email addresses through a sign up form on your website or blog alternatively you can also use your exit overlays to ask for their email address if they liked the content.

Incorporating email marketing to your current marketing plan helps by reaching out to your audience and sending them emails regularly so they can increase the traffic on your website.

Fun Fact: Email marketing delivers higher conversion rates compared to any other marketing approach.

5. Come Up With Industry Leading Content

Create content that showcases your knowledge and your expertise in your niche or chosen field. Cover topics that are not done by other websites, research topics that people want that you or your competition have not covered yet. The ability to conceptualize, create and deliver content that is better than what your competition offers makes more and more people go to your site because of your higher quality content.

Be sure to use a good combination of guides, how-to articles, infographics, tables with data, statistics and images to make your content make a bigger impact so your audience will read, share and keep coming back for more.

6. Pay Close Attention to Timings and Trends

Something marketers have to be mindful of is the timing of their efforts to increase traffic. Different content is seen by different people through different times of the day. Companies time their product launch together with the holidays, seasons, celebrations, weekends, and annual events to maximize the exposure and opportunity for people to purchase their product.

Find out what content works best at what particular day and time of day so you can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaign efforts on a daily basis. You need to know how your audience reacts or behaves whenever you put out new content and adjust accordingly. Knowing when and what to post in a day will help you get optimum levels of traffic.