Create Viral Contests To Build Your List, Increase Sales And Generate Unlimited Traffic!

​"I used to use a different expensive app to run contests and giveaways for my own business and my clients, but now Contest Promo does it all. It's a huge timesaver."

Bill Newsum
Co-Founder of SweetThing


Everyone loves to get something for free. Give people a chance to win something valuable, and they will get excited.

They'll like, share, comment, email, click.....whatever you need. All to be in with a chance of winning a prize.

Running contests like this used to be expensive and hard to manage, but that changes now with Contest Promo.

With Contest Promo, it only takes a few steps to get started

Step 1: Create your contest

Just enter a name, add the link you want to send your traffic to, choose your short URL and click "next"

Step 2: Make It Live

Set up the details of your contest, and connect it to your autoresponder or Facebook. Now make it live and email it to your current list, or advertise it on Facebook.

Step 3: People Enter

​Users will see your great prize offer and want a chance to win. To enter, they simply click the FB Connect button or enter their name and email.

Step 4: Your Contest is shared

After they enter, they will see ways to earn more points and chances to win, by inviting friends and distributing a share link. This leads to viral growth.

Check out the powerful features
inside Contest Promo

Cloud hosted

Your users will have nothing to download or install, they just log into your installation of the app and they are ready to get started.

Fully Automated

With a powerful "set and forget" contest system, customers simply, set it up with the right options then let Contest Engine do the rest.​


Built in functions for including your Facebook (or other) retargeting code in your campaigns.​

Unlimited campaigns

​Contest Engine is set up so users can create an unlimited number of campaigns, giving your customers maximum flexibility.

Image Library

Choose from 100's of high conversion background images to make sure campaigns look great, or choose a color that you like.​

Branding System

Every part of every campaign can be customised for color, style, images and more. No two campaigns need look the same.​

Automated Countdowns

Set an expiry date and forget it, the app handles it all. it can redirect campaigns on expiry or simply hide the countdown.​

Autoresponder Integration

Direct integratin with over 14 autoresponder providers means users can take full advantage of Contest Engine listbuilding capabilities.​

Unlimited Entrants

Create massive viral contests with no limits to the numbers of entrants.​

Contest Engine Campaign System

Use these campaigns to run special offers, sign people up to your list, enter a contest, prelaunch contests and more!​

Video Backgrounds

Boost engagement and branding with fully animated video backgrounds. Embed any video and have it as a background!​​

Detailed statistics

A full statistics dashboard is provided for every campaign so users can see more information about their traffic.​

Mobile Responsive

Any contest or campaign you run must be mobile responsive, and Contest Engine handles that perfectly for you automatically.​

Visual Editor

Enter what contest info users see before a contest, after they enter and when a contest expires, all through a WYSIWYG interface.​

FB Connect entries

Users can choose to enter a contest by simply clicking the FB Connect button. This ensures the contest owner captures their best email.​

Timed contests

For maximum impact, users can set contests to begin and end at a certain time, and only show specific content before, during and after a contest.​

Email notifications

Simply add your own SMTP info and then contest entrants will receive an email confirming their entry, and whatever else you add to the email.

User Management

See all entry details and fully export all user data to a CSV file to use as you choose.​


You'll also get all future software updates free. No other platform offers this kind of deal, in fact many charge more for just a single month's acces​​​​s than the special low introductory price offered here today.

Act now this is a very limited introductory offer and will be withdrawn at any time.

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