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What Hulu Can Teach Local Businesses About Marketing

As of May 2016, the streaming service Hulu had surpassed 12 million subscribers. In marketing terms, this means they’re definitely doing something right.

Of course, it may seem difficult to apply streaming marketing to other industries, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t a variety of marketing lessons to learn from Hulu. Here are three of the most important.

Video is Imperative

Considering it’s a streaming service, a video is obviously immensely important to Hulu. Video being the service they provide, however, isn’t the only reason it’s imperative. They also heavily use video marketing to promote their service. This was especially the case prior to the release of Hulu Plus.

Hulu is consistently putting out promotional content via video. They keep their ads short and sweet, and they also use real people as opposed to actors. Implementing a few of these tips while keeping the ads informative can go a long way.

Engage in Original Content Marketing

While posting an interesting meme or article found through a Google search may increase social visibility a bit, it’s original content that really gets noticed. Hulu proved this by creating 11.22.63, The Handmaid’s Tale and Difficult People.

Local business marketers must recognize the importance of original content and create their own blogs, videos, and articles.

Don’t Be Afraid to Drop Dead Weight

Hulu isn’t afraid to let streaming contracts expire when a certain show isn’t doing well on their platform. Local businesses should take this route when marketing as well.

Regardless of how much has been invested in a certain promotional endeavor, there’s no excuse to keep using a failing tactic. Either update it to work or switch strategies entirely.

Even with Netflix being the industry powerhouse, Hulu has still managed to draw subscribers and stand on its own. For local businesses that can utilize the company’s skills in their own marketing endeavors, the sky is the limit.

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Live Streaming and Its Advantages for Local Business Owners

Live Streaming and Its Advantages for Local Business Owners

Extremely Affordable

Maybe the biggest benefit of Facebook's live video, and other services like it, is the fact that implementation is remarkably affordable. In fact, business people can start a live stream right from their telephone.

This means whether they are at an online community event, discussing a local occurrence or simply providing a quick “how-to” video for fans needing more info on a topic, live video can get the job done without breaking the bank.

Delivers Sense of Urgency

Promoting 101 dictates that creating a sense of urgency will lead to fast results. When users know something isn't going to last long, they are more likely to pay attention. By its very nature, live video makes that feeling.

Thankfully, Facebook and certain other live streaming services save the video for later viewing. This means people coming around late can still reap the benefits of the clip. For those who see the stream pop up on their feed as it starts, though, the fact that it is happening right now means they will click just to see what's going on.

Even more Analytics Opportunities

Offline advertising may still be important, but the analytics provided by online strategies are vital. Just like any other post on Facebook, the social media giant will provide measurements for a live cast. In fact, many providers allow budding entrepreneurs to see how many people are watching in real time.

Whether a corporation outsources or does their own advertising and marketing, these additional metrics can help mold better advertising and marketing strategies.

Live video is without question a new frontier for local business owners. That is why they need to get at the forefront and beat their competitors. And with all the previously mentioned rewards, it seems almost negligent to not take advantage of the tool.

Webinar Replay: Profiting with Webinars


In our latest webinar, we're talking about webinars and how you can use them to generate profit for your business. We have discussed a lot of things like why webinars are great and efficient way to present and share your ideas with the world.

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Are Television Ads Still Beneficial For Local Businesses

Online streaming and DVRs may have made productive tv ads more difficult, but they didn't make them impossible. With the right marketing strategies, you can turns short televised advertisements into real marketing potential.

Are Television Ads Still Beneficial For Local Businesses

Gives the Brand Character

People want to hook up to a brand, and a tv advertisement gives local business owners the chance to do this. Make the ad personable. After all, research has revealed that brands that build a connection with consumers can successfully charge more than their competition. Work towards making a bond, through emotion or humor, with television viewers.

Tv Advertising campaigns Target Specific Audiences

On Facebook, local company owners can target their advertisements based on locale, age, gender and even hobbies. Fortunately, television promotions can accomplish this too. Have you ever seen that politicians often pay for television spots during debates? This isn't by coincidence.

Based on your product or target group, you can place a television ad exactly where it should be. Advertising a haunted house attraction? Position it during a zombie show. Seeking more customers at an antique shop? How about an ad during an American Pickers style show?

Television Ads Reach the Masses

Even though folks are spending insane amounts of time online, they still enjoy watching tv. In fact, the average American watches five hours of TV every single day. This means you have a large audience, and since many are watching live, they are all but captive to your message.

While DVRs and Netflix may have lessened the effectiveness of television ads, they have not erased it entirely. As long as the expenses do not outweigh the benefits and you use smart marketing strategies, tv ads can be as productive a marketing tool as anything else.

3 Tips Local Businesses Can Use to Market on Snapchat

Snapchat allows you to send videos of events, such as product launches or local event promotions, to fans that couldn't attend themselves. Even taking a few minutes to send out a “100th customer” celebratory video can get attention. There are over 4 billion video views on Snapchat per day, so you know at the very least some of your followers will take note of these events.3 Tips Local Businesses Can Use to Market on Snapchat

Make use of Other Platforms to Bring On Followers

Most people do not seek out local businesses when playing on Snapchat. Sure they might search for corporations like Nike or IBM, but a local company likely will never cross their mind. That is why the initial step to effective Snapchat marketing is an onslaught of announcements on other social media. From Twitter to Facebook and everywhere in between, post numerous announcements letting followers know you are on Snapchat.

Give Live Access to Activities

Whether you are holding a contest at a local event tent or having a product launch, you can use Snapchat to open the big event to followers who cannot be present. You may even film unique events like a “100th customer” celebration. Since the site gets 4 billion video views per day, you can rest assured many of your customers can see these videos on the platform.

Run Challenges on the Platform

Just like any other social media platform, it's possible to run contests on Snapchat. Tell followers they are entered when sending out a video of themselves using your product. Several brands add a really fun aspect by creating “Snapchat scavenger hunts.” These hunts often just have followers performing speedy tasks and posting them. Be creative, and your followers will join up.

Snapchat marketing is a newer endeavor for most businesses, but it is time to jump on the bandwagon. You do not need your competition perfecting a new social media strategy while you are lagging behind.

3 Ways to Create a Potentially Viral Marketing Video

Forbes listed “timing” as one of the most significant aspects of making a video go viral. This means simply utilizing a popular current topic. Integrate the topic into your video in some way, post to social media and maybe even throw in a few focused hashtags.3 Ways to Create a Potentially Viral Marketing Video

Bring Personality and Humor

It would be great if a local company could post a typical video promoting their corporation and have it go viral. Typically, though, this just is not going to work. Only videos that show off personality, and usually humor, are likely to really get noticed far and wide.

The startup company Dollar Shave Club, in particular, quickly netted 4.75 million views on its first “our blades are great” video. The CEO showed off his confident personality and presented several hilarious one-liners throughout the video. Aim at being real and funny for a shot at viral success.

Never Be Afraid To Drop A Few Dollars

Even if a video has ‘viral' written all over it, it does not stand much of a chance on small Facebook pages. This is a real problem for local business owners in small towns. This is why, if a video gets more engagement than normal, it doesn't hurt to spend a few dollars boosting the video post to maximize exposure.

Even following all of the rules will not guarantee a viral video. The good thing is, it does not take a million viral videos to make a small business at least temporarily famous. It only takes one, so striving for that goal can be worthwhile.

3 Video Marketing Flaws Local Companies Should always Avoid

This guideline won't apply to every situation, but for most online videos, length should be kept down between 60 and 90 seconds. After all, 20% of people exit a video within 10 seconds if it does not promptly engage them. Adding a lot of time to this only increases the chances they will close the page.

3 Video Marketing Flaws Local Companies Should always Avoid

Focusing Too Much on the Purchase

The definitive goal of video marketing is to bring in new business, but it is essential to not make this so obvious. People are not going to be considering videos that equate to nothing more than several minutes of an advertisement. They want valuable content.

Instead of making a long ad, try to insert the product into useful content. Explain an amazing recipe while showcasing the use of branded pottery. Take a lesson from Google Earth, who made an ad that merely showed how their product brought a family back together. Essentially, find a way to advertise without directly advertising.

Upload Across Platforms

While YouTube might be the industry giant for online videos, it doesn't hold a monopoly. You can upload to Dailymotion, Vimeo and even Facebook. Uploading to numerous platforms increases backlinks to the main site and improves the likelihood a video will get seen. And ultimately, this is the actual goal, right?

Online video is certainly one of the most valuable content marketing tools out there. This only remains true, though, if you work with the tool properly. The good thing is, half of this battle is just staying away from mistakes like the aforementioned.

6 Small Businesses Share Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

In 2015, 96% of B2B marketers used video in their marketing strategy compared to 82% of B2C marketers. In May 2015, Cisco reported in its VNI Global IP Traffic Forecast that 80% of all Internet traffic will be streaming video content by 2019.

6 Small Businesses Share Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

Other significant video marketing statistics worth noting are:

• 81% of people feature their video on their brand website
• 52% of marketers believe video marketing is effective for brand awareness
• 67% of marketers found video marketing somewhat successful

Numbers like these suggest that video marketing is something marketers shouldn't ignore, especially those who are responsible for the marketing function at small businesses.

I wanted to know how small businesses were using video marketing. Continue Reading..

10 Facebook Video Strategies to Help Boost Engagement

10 Facebook Video Strategies to Help Boost Engagement

Why should I use Facebook video?

Does video on Facebook add any value to my business?

The answer is a big YES! And here’s why…

According to a study by Social Bakers, Facebook videos are shared 157% as often as YouTube videos. This presents a huge opportunity for your business to boost its engagement and grab the attention of your fans.

That is why in this post we are going to take a look at 10 creative ways you can use Facebook video to boost your overall engagement and leads.

10 Facebook Video Strategies to Help Boost Engagement

1. Re-purpose Existing Content

Business owners on Facebook often feel like they need to create brand new video content every time they post just to keep up with customer demand.

The good news is, this is not the case. In fact, you can still engage your fans with your existing content by re-purposing it into video.

This not only offers your Facebook fans new content to engage with but also extends the reach of your previous content without wasting the added time of producing the content from scratch.

Here are a few ways you can re-purpose your content for Facebook video:

  • Re-upload a recorded Blab session
  • Re-upload a YouTube video – this can be both older videos and your more recent clips
  • Record your podcasts in video format
  • Read out blog posts in audio format, then upload via video or create a screen share video as you read through the content
  • Record your slide share as a presentation video
  • Re-upload any talks/speeches you have done

As we can see below, Gary Vaynerchuck has been able to double his amount of video views thanks to re-uploading the same clip to Facebook. In fact, the Facebook video has overtaken the YouTube video in terms of views.

Gary Vee Videos

2. Embed Videos on Your Website or Blog

Depending on the size of your Facebook page, the chances are good that more people visit your website than your actual page, with the exception of promoted content. This presents another great chance for your business to drive traffic back to Facebook through the use of embedded videos.

Embedding your Facebook video into your blogs is just another way to convert new visitors to your site into fans as well as extend the reach of your content. The more your blog gets shared, the more people view your video.

To embed a video from Facebook into your blog, simply click the arrow on the top right of your post, then select “Embed video.” This will then present you with a code. To add this to your blog, simply paste this code into your blog’s HTML or text editor section.

This also presents the added benefit of new visitors to your blog being able to engage directly with the post –- giving them the ability to like, share, and comment on your post without having to leave your site.

Ravi Shukle Video

3. Be Creative with Call-to-Actions

We’ve all seen those YouTube videos with annotations that pop up while we’re trying to watch a video. This can be distracting and get in the way of the viewer watching the video.

However, when it comes to uploading video via Facebook, instead of annotations, you are able to create a call-to-action button at the end of the video.

Now it’s important that before you select the call-to-action, you consider the goal of the video. This could be to drive traffic back to your website, YouTube channel, sales page or even another video. Here are the options offered to you by Facebook:

Ravi Shukle Video

Again, you want to find a call-to-action button that best describes what you would like the reader to do. You can always test these out to find which one gets the highest conversions. Continue Reading