[Case Study] 52% MORE Sales For 43% LESS Cost

Want to know a secret?

Improving your profits is NOT just about
driving more traffic. In fact, until you maximize your conversions,
sending more visitors is costing you boatloads of money.

In today’s no cost video, my friend Wilco takes you inside his FB
ads account and gives you a real world conversion case study.

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In this case study, you’ll see:

Why “behaviour-based” retargeting is so powerful and
cost effective

How a simple tweak to audience creation resulted in a 384% improvement in results

Wilco’s been testing this stuff for a long time and is one of the top
authorities on maximizing conversions.

This is video 2 of a 3 part series. Don’t worry if you missed part 1,
there’ll be a link inside so you can watch that video first.

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