9 ‘Set and Forget’ Ways To Make More Money From Your Website

The easiest way for most people to start making more money from their website is to improve what’s already working for them.

9 ‘Set and Forget’ Ways To Make More Money From Your Website

Consider this:

You are making $1000/month from selling an eBook on your blog.

To make $3000/month, you could release two new eBooks.

But is that the best way to spend your time? Will that give you the best ROI? There is no doubt more products will mean more money, but in most peoples’ cases you can make more money quicker, if you focus on what’s already making your money.

Improving our checkout page doubled our sales.

Adding a popup opt-in doubled the amount of people that signed up for our list. Our sales come from emails, so again, this doubled how much we were making.

When we significantly increased our page speed, our search engine traffic went up, people spent more time on our site and conversions went up too. All we had to do was spend 5 minutes hiring a page speed expert.

There are opportunities all around us. If you’re not satisfied with where you are right now, perhaps you should ask yourself, what isn’t working as well as it could. Continue Reading