3 Simple Ways Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Can Be Better

Doing social media marketing can become a chore, especially for startup campaigns run by people who are busy with other things that are more important compared to posting on Twitter or check up on their Facebook engagement level. But deep down inside and in the back of our minds, we know that social media is important and that we have to put in the effort to get results.

3 Simple Ways Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Can Be Better

So at this point, we figure out how to get more done on social media in less time and as little effort put in. The following methods have been proven to double the effectiveness of social media with only half the effort. Generally speaking, a higher effort put in social media produces a greater level of engagement with your audience.

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Here are 3 ways for a better social media marketing efforts

1.) Create a social media schedule and stick to it.

By making a social media schedule, you reduce the need to constantly check in and make posts “as needed” throughout the day. When you suddenly divert your attention from what you were doing to “quickly make a post to social media” you are not doing yourself a favor. Time is wasted when you decide to pause what you were doing, post to social media then come back to your original task even if it takes just a few minutes. Whenever that happens, you lose your train of thought on the task or project that you are working on. Those couple of minutes that your train of thought was interrupted, might take double the amount of time for you to pick up where you left off.

Having to reopen your social media tools or logging into your accounts again are another waste of time. Always remember that every task, has other related tasks that require time and effort. The solution to this problem is dealing with social media in a single session with undivided attention and focus.

The scheduling solution has three parts:

A.) Set a date on your calendar to create your social media schedule. – Allocate an hour or two to deal exclusively with social media. This is your social media time, use it to brainstorm and plan out the content you intend to post. Main advantage being your undivided attention and focus which can improve the overall quality of the content.

B.) Schedule the times and messages that you will post on your social media account or accounts – Observe best practices for the best time of day to post your respective content for maximized visibility to your targeted audience. One great thing about scheduling posts is that you can produce twice or thrice as many posts ahead of time, but take a lot less time posting them. If you had to manually post them one at a time during different times throughout the day your productivity and time would be affected negatively.

C.) Take time to monitor your social media metrics and statistics. – Review a single point of time each day or week, analyze your metrics and make decisions based on them. This practice is called “social media listening“.

Continuous switching and logging in and out between social media accounts is a huge waste of time and effort not to mention it is also mentally taxing. Scheduling your day, your posts, or the time you do your “social media listening” drastically decreases the amount of effort that you put into social media management while dramatically increasing your overall output and productivity.

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2.) Collect Content as you Go

The most important and time consuming process before posting content to social media is finding the content you want to post. Let me give you an example, as you work through your day you might visit an interesting website or interesting articles that you would like to share. One suggestion is to use a chrome extension like “Evernote” to save and collect the content that you find interesting and would want to share to your audience via social media. So whenever you find something interesting and want to share it on social media, all you have to do is click the Evernote button on your browser. From then on you have “collected” the content and can share it later on.

Remember, the goal is to produce double or triple the content with the least amount effort. You just have to be organized, and intentional about it.

3.) Share the content more than once.

Share the same stuff more than once! That is an ultimate social media hack to get more content but with less effort. There is a method to the madness. Different people will see the different posts to social media during the time you post them. So why not post the same thing twice or thrice? or more even!

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Here's an example:

Joe checks his Facebook feed in the morning at 7am, but Edward does not check his Facebook feed until he steps out for his lunch break at 12:00. Joe will see your post in the morning but probably not the one you posted at noon.

Recycling your social media posts gets you more output, more interaction, and possibly makes the content go viral because different people see your content at different times. If your content is posted or shared more than once, you can get three or four times as much exposure and responses compared to if you only posted it one time. The whole concept is traffic increasing and effort saving.

In closing, there are lots of ways to make social media more effective that it already is. Just be careful not to view social media as a “timewaster” or a “black hole” for procrastination. It is a really good investment in your online business marketing endeavors.

Remember, It's all a matter of being smart about managing your time and being productive with minimal effort to improve your output via social media.