4 Effective Customer-Centric Content Marketing Ideas for "Boring" Industries

4 Effective Customer-Centric Content Marketing Ideas for “Boring” Industries

Link-building seems so much easier for some industries. An exciting product means exciting marketing opportunities, right? Maybe, but working with a client in a so-called “dull” industry doesn’t mean the marketing itself has to be inherently drab.

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Regardless of what you’re selling, the core principles of link-building remain unchanged. Ultimately, you’re still trying to appeal to other human beings, so let the needs of the customer guide your campaign ideation efforts. Their interests, goals, problems, and reasons for purchasing your service all give you ripe opportunities for coming up with fresh and engaging content marketing concepts. And anyway, sometimes a challenging sell produces the brightest marketing ideas.

Here are four ideas to help you create powerful content that will engage your target audience and earn links and shares.

1. Turn Case Studies Into Educational Opportunities

People love a good story, especially if there’s something to learn from it. Turn ordinary case studies into content you’d actually want to read. How? Rather than creating the regular problem-solution type post, think more in terms of an educational magazine article or video vignette. For example, marketing company Conversion Rate Experts has some examples of interesting case studies that are highly read and shared since they use their past wins as a way to educate the customer on conversion rate optimization.



2. Share Less-Obvious Ways Your Product Can Help

The more versatile you make your product sound, the more people it will appeal to. Scope out every person who uses – or might potentially use – the product and show them what it can do for them. Dropbox does a great job of this on their blog, putting up such content as how to use Dropbox to makesearching for a job more efficient and how to preserve family recipes. It’s an excellent example of a brand understanding its clients’ varied personas.



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