3 Special Ways to Enhance Email Engagement

3 Special Ways to Enhance Email Engagement

We've composed a couple of ideas for email marketing material previously, but today we'd like to stay away from the conventional content and opt for something that might make you stick out a bit from the other marketing spam … er … emails people get. Yes, you must still follow everything else we stated about producing urgency with your subject line, developing a concise email that sticks to a limited subject and supplying social widgets in the trademark to open up even more opportunities for connection.
3 Special Ways to Enhance Email Engagement
But what we didn't point out is that there are any number of other things that you can be doing to set your e-mails apart from your rival's. By building a special identification through your emails, you'll develop more opportunities for engagement. This opens your click-thru rate while increasing your consumer self-confidence, two things that we shouldn't need to state, however we will, leads directly to even more sales.

Three Great Ways to Add Identity to Your Email Marketing Campaigns to Enhance Email Engagement

Use these 3 concepts as a jumping board for your very own identification, keep in mind, you're not the only person that is reading this, so while they are still unique, it's not specific. Only you can develop an accurate identification on your own through your emails so come up with one, implement it, modify it by following your metrics and adjusting, and then do not mention to any individual about it! Well, unless you wish to, like us!

1# Make them crave for the Next Email

Much in the way authors include a little bit of their next story at the end of their books, you can include a little bit of your next e-mail at the end of your emails. This can be in the email, provide a link to your website where they can engage more, or simply give a title or some of the context hints about exactly what's coming up next. Either way, provide them a little coming attraction, specifically if the e-mail they are reading is short, to the point and exceptionally informative and enticing, even more need to follow the good e-mail composing protocol we discussed! Of course, this suggests you'll constantly need to compose one or two e-mails ahead, but that's where planning your e-mails ahead of time comes into action.

2# Make a Discount Collection Game

When Monopoly initially came out at McDonald's, everybody was scrambling to gather all the pieces to win huge prizes. The same marketing ploy can be used with your email marketing project discounts. Instead of just providing a discount code right off the bat, offer simply a part of it. Then, your recipients will certainly be waiting to open your other emails to get the rest of the code to utilize for a huge price cut. Conversely, you can also make use of a few differing levels of discount rates on different series of emails, producing a “gather them” kind atmosphere. This keeps your recipients engaged and watching for your next e-mail each day/week/month.

3# Get Unique with Rewards

Everyone provides discount rate codes and coupon coupons with their e-mails. While we're not downplaying the value of these in your marketing projects, being a little more imaginative can go a long way. How about providing price cuts or perhaps totally free delivery for one year if they _______? Register for a VIP subscriber list or get discounts that develop with each purchase they make (5 % off first purchase and 10 % off second if made within 15 days, etc.). You can actually get innovative with your rewards here, however simply do not make them so complexed that you can not comprehend them and wind up unfaithful yourself out of profit with a mistake!